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The road ahead
So what was said? Gamal Essam El-Din provides a roundup of the NDP's annual conference
Juba in a jam
Salva Kiir's controversial remark regarding the possibility of secession just shows that the southern Sudanese will not opt for unity at any cost, surmises Gamal Nkrumah
Whither Sudan?
Sudanese Presidential Adviser Mustafa Othman Ismail speaks to Al-Ahram Weekly about the spectre of secession. The following interview was conducted by Asmaa El-Husseini and El-Azab El-Tayeb
It will be then and there
Mubarak's speeches before the annual NDP conference answered some persistent questions, albeit indirectly, writes Dina Ezzat
All eyes on Gamal
Gamal Mubarak dominated the meetings of the annual conference of the ruling NDP, fuelling new speculation about his growing role in Egyptian politics, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Devolving decision-making
Working papers on democracy and education were central to the debates at the NDP conference. But what did they say, asks Mohamed El-Sayaed
Opposition groups staged their own rally as the NDP's sixth annual conference was in full swing, reports Mona El-Nahhas
Just in case
Arab capitals are considering their alternatives should the US hit a wall on the settlements freeze, Dina Ezzat reports
Back to Baghdad
Egypt's new ambassador is expected in Baghdad, reports Doaa El-Bey
Cold comfort
The number of swine flu cases is on the rise. As winter approaches, how is Egypt prepared, asks Reem Leila
Racist makes it easy
In the Marwa El-Sherbini murder trial the killer as well as the German judicial system are hit hard. Doaa El-Bey follows the hearings
Paying for decades of neglect
In the wake of last week's fatal train collision the usual promises have been made, reports Reem Leila
All braced up
Developing countries last week reasserted their eagerness to speedily conclude the Doha Development Agenda, so long as their interests are protected, Niveen Wahish reports
Out in the cold
Saleh Al-Naami details the harsh conditions that Gaza residents will endure this winter
America's old ugly face
The US is still playing fast and loose with its commitments on Israeli-Palestinian peace, reports Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
Sitting ducks
If there's one thing the Israelis are good at it's waging war on women and children, writes Stuart Littlewood
Never simple
Lebanese politicians are again optimistic that a cabinet will be formed, but they seem in no hurry, reports Lucy Fielder in Beirut
The hidden war
Omayma Abdel-Latif looks at the regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia and its implications
Too much to hope
Given the sectarian nature of Iraqi politics, is it possible that the new bloc formed at the weekend to run in January's elections is secular, asks Salah Hemeid
Calls for an end by force
A senior Yemeni cleric this week called for an end to the Al-Houthi rebellion in the north of the country by force, reports Nasser Arrabyee
Pyrrhic victory
The government's attempts to resolve the country's Kurdish problem have stalled, reports Gareth Jenkins
Playing charades
The latest twist in Afghanistan's election saga only compounds the West's failure, writes Graham Usher in New York
Down the slippery soap
A convergence of interests between Sudanese victims of conflict and humanitarian relief agencies brings into sharp focus the plight of millions in Africa's largest country. Oxfam's Olivia Kalis enlightens Gamal Nkrumah
What about the working mothers?
The threat of swine flu is no easy challenge for working mothers in cases where early childcare programmes are unavailable. Gihan Shahine looks for alternatives
Happiness ends in Soho Square
England's Jenny Duncalf beat Egypt's Omnia Abdel-Qawi to claim the Women's International Soho Square Squash Championship in Sharm El-Sheikh, Inas Mazhar reports
Can't be beat
Egypt claimed the 23rd Speedball World Championship title for the 23rd time, reports Ahmed Morsy

Tribes triumphant
By Youssef Rakha


By Ati Metwaly
From chic point to space exodus
By David Tresilian
Cairo sings the blues
By Rania Khallaf
Soaps and all that glitz
By Kamal Sultan


'Nuke Gaza' is next
When it comes to Israel the buck stops in Washington, having enabled and continued to support its worst excesses, writes Jeff Gates
Zionism: an anti-Semite's dream
Is Western support for Israel not simply cover for deep-running anti-Semitism that prefers to keep Jews at arm's length in the Middle East, asks John Whitbeck
Israel is unlikely to yield
Despite indications that Obama is gearing up for another round of confrontation with Netanyahu, Israel appears in no mood to take orders, writes George Hishmeh
We need more Erdogans
Arab and Muslim leaders should emulate Turkey's prime minister if they want to ensure Israel doesn't get away with murder again, writes Aijaz Zaka Syed
Policy, not personalities
The obsession with the NDP's presidential candidate serves to obscure vastly more important issues, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Dissenting brothers
The Muslim Brotherhood's very public leadership spat betrays major structural weaknesses, writes Khalil El-Anani
Pakistan's terrorist surge
Cutting off the money supply to terrorists and diversifying economic and military aid are key to winning the battle for Pakistan, writes Tariq Osman Hyder
Arab human development crisis
While the information revolution is proceeding elsewhere apace, the Arab world is falling behind, held back by government failure, writes Ramzy Baroud
Salama A Salama:
Who's to blame?

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