Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 December 2009
Issue No. 977
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'Undivided' divided Jerusalem
US and Euro attempts to anticipate further "realities" infuriate Israeli planners, notes James Zogby
2010's looming dilemmas
Having given the world so much hope, now Barack Obama may be the world's greatest disappointment, writes Gamil Matar
Marwan Barghouti: the equalizer
The threat of new popular president of the Palestinians is the incentive Israel needs to embrace the two-state solution, writes James Gundun
Running out of time
Mohamed Said Idris argues that Iran's favourite tactic of procrastination has landed it in hot water
The peace enemy within
President Obama has done nothing to address the grip of the Israeli lobby on US foreign policy, and hence Middle East peace is as unattainable as it ever was, writes Ramzy Baroud
Dubai stands tall
No matter what the hacks say, Dubai is far from finished, writes Aijaz Zaka Syed
In Focus: Can we end the violence?
Across the Arab world the state remains the major party in ongoing conflicts. It stands to reason, then, writes Galal Nassar, that the state must itself be overhauled if conflicts are to be resolved
Climate change blues
Each global warming scenario seems more nightmarish than the last. But the one thing Egypt cannot afford to do, writes Abdel-Moneim Said, is to bury its head in the sand
Not Obama's year
Disappointment followed high hopes -- especially among the Arabs -- after the promise of change of the new US president foundered in 2009, writes Bassem Hassan

The Copenhagen ruse

Crisis and opportunity
By Osama El-Meligui

This week:
Makram Mohamed Ahmed

Cartoon by Gomaa

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