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Saving Lebanon
Political tensions over the Hariri Tribunal are growing, writes Omayma Abdel-Latif from Beirut
Back to Africa
The leaders assembled for the African Union summit in Kampala were sidetracked by the fight against terrorism but Egypt employed the occasion to revive traditional ties with the continent, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Eyes on Mubarak
Those who are both with and against President Mubarak are keeping close tabs on his health and his plans, Dina Ezzat reports
Who's in, who's out?
Gamal Essam El-Din wonders what recent announcements to the effect that unpopular MPs will be excluded from the NDP's future candidate list really mean
Azan in one voice
The unified call to prayer will be first activated in Greater Cairo during the holy month of Ramadan, Reem Leila reports
Cooperation spurned
The Muslim Brotherhood is being squeezed between the official opposition parties and the ruling NDP, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Bullying Abbas into talks
The US and the EU continue to pressure the Palestinian Authority leadership to embrace direct talks with Israel, but to what end, asks Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
No internal matter
Inter-Palestinian reconciliation might be possible were it not for the meddling of foreign powers, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Lebanon's tribunal in the crossfire
Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah forcefully criticised the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon last week, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the institution, writes Omayma Abdel-Latif in Beirut
Knots in Ndjamena
Sin-Sad leaders need to show more statesmanship than support for the Sudanese president, notes Gamal Nkrumah
Preparing to scuttle?
Will the Obama administration cut and run, leaving the United Nations to sort out the chaos in Iraq, asks Salah Hemeid
Greater EU sanctions against Iran
News of a new round of EU sanctions against Iran this week has provoked a defiant response from Tehran, writes Amani Maged
Towards a renewable Egypt
Nader Noureddin examines Egypt's renewable energy potentials and options
Greener investment
A momentous growth of "green" foreign direct investment is expected in the coming period, with transition and developing economies grasping the lion's share, Sherine Nasr reports
Tracking Taliban in Union Square
The struggle for Muslim hearts and minds has come to New York City, writes Graham Usher
Westward Hu
Russia's accommodation of the US and NATO continues apace, with new support of the Afghan war and even missile defence, notes Eric Walberg
Is this the end of Le Monde?
Following the sale of the country's best-known newspaper, fears are growing over the future of the French press, writes David Tresilian in Paris
Exploring the routes of Arabia
This summer's major exhibition at the Louvre in Paris provides an overview of the history of the Arabian Peninsula from prehistory to the advent of Islam, writes David Tresilian
More than a mere memoir
Galal Amin's second autobiography Rahik al-Omr is much more than a personal autobiography by one of Egypt's most prominent Egyptian economists, says Rashda Ragab
Revenge clash
Ahli revenged their last year encounter against Haras Al-Hedoud by clinching their sixth Egyptian Super Cup title, Ahmed Morsy reports
Time to hang up the boots?
As the competition becomes ruthless, can Egypt's old soccer commentators keep up, or is it time for substitutions? Ahmed Hamdy asks fans for answers

The 58th anniversary of the 23 July Revolution provoked a wave of introspection and retrospection in Egypt and the Arab world, an evaluation of the past and future prospects are put in focus...

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Book review:

Pithy aphorisms
By Gamal Nkrumah


Finding an African voice
African unity is the best protection the leaders of the continent can provide for its many millions in need, writes Curtis Doebbler
From Boston on Palestine
Amid the numerous solutions proposed and discussed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, few note the default solution: managing the worst of what is intractable, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Revolution in dreams and reality
While it can be faulted, as with all social upheavals, the 1952 Revolution in Egypt advanced values the Egyptian people continue to revere and uphold, writes Salah Eissa
...and the yearning for democracy
Different yet linked, Egypt's 1919 and 1952 revolutions were successes that failed to produce democracy. This lacuna must be now filled, writes Wahid Abdel-Meguid
I understand Shirley Sherrod
Attacked by political opportunists and denied a voice: Shirley Sherrod's recent treatment mimics that of too many Arab Americans, writes James Zogby
Salama A Salama:
Egypt in Afghanistan?

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