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The sound of Iraq's whistle
Secret US files revealed by the website Wikileaks this week show that the ugly occupation of Iraq was even uglier than previously thought, writes Salah Hemeid
Parliament comes first
The NDP is giving priority to legislative over presidential elections, reports Dina Ezzat
Solution under embargo
Contention erupts as Muslim Brotherhood affiliates are told they will forfeit their candidacies for parliament if they use the group's well-known slogan, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Sudan at the centre
Egypt is continuing to try to calm down the situation in Sudan and help the two ruling parties resolve the issues obstructing the smooth holding of a self-determination referendum in southern Sudan, reports Doaa El-Bey
Painting a picture of peace
The culture minister and head of the Fine Arts Section have reconciled following two months of ping-pong accusations over who was responsible for the theft of a work by Van Gogh, Nevine El-Aref reports
Free of police
The government has pledged to implement a court ruling which restores the sovereignty of universities, reports Mona El-Nahhas
A century of Islamic art for all
The centenary of Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art took place earlier this week. Nevine El-Aref attended the grand event to mark the occasion
Tea and sympathy
Amani Maged looks for hints of who's who in Iran's exotic political world
Silencing a loose cannon
Did Aziz's recent hints that he would speak about Washington's support for Iraq during the war with Iran seal his fate, wonders Salah Hemeid
Best of the lot
Bahrain's third legislative elections were without incident and confirmed the Shia plurality, but will this be translated into more power, asks Sherine Bahaa
Aiming at the siege
While a new aid convoy has reached Gaza, the Israeli siege on the beleaguered Strip appears as firm as ever, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Let the pound slide
The pound is inching downwards in value, Niveen Wahish explores why
Europe's problems with the veil
With France legislating to ban Muslim women from covering their face and hair, the European debate on Islamic veiling has taken a new and significant turn, expert Christian Joppke tells David Tresilian
The October Files
Ati Metwaly mixes and matches
A lively spectacle
Nehad Selaiha rounds up her coverage of the 22nd edition of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre
Classical Arab music alive and well
Lovers of classical Arab music are invited to enjoy the busy schedule of the Arab Music Festival, which is due to be held in Cairo next week. Rania Khallaf reports
All wired up and relaxed
Osama Kamal views an exhibition by artist Galal Gomaa who uses the two very different substances of natural pebbles and man-made wire to pleasing effect
Beginning a kitchen revolution
Exciting culinary challenges were on show at the HACE live-cooking competition held this week in Cairo, promising much for plans to upgrade Egyptian chefs' training, writes Jyl Ghoneim
Squash at its best
In an all-Egyptian final, Karim Darwish swept by world champion Rami Ashour 3-0 to win the inaugural El-Gouna International Open. Inas Mazhar reports from the Egyptian Red Sea resort

Following seven years of restoration, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) opened its doors to visitors as it celebrates its centenary...


All about Gérôme
By David Tresilian
The colour of time
By Hani Mustafa


Storm over Sudan
What happened in Iraq is about to play itself out again in Sudan, with likely more disastrous consequences, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
It is not all about us
Only by recognising the rights of all things, and Mother Earth, can humanity hope to find balance amid mounting global challenges, writes Miguel D'Escoto-Brockmann
Moving beyond myths
Most assertions made about Arabs and the Arab region in the mainstream US media are opposed to the truth, writes James Zogby
Obama sells America
In a capitulation of breathtaking audacity, President Obama has effectively ceded the sovereignty of the United States in its foreign policy to Israel, writes Ramzy Baroud

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