Al-Ahram Weekly Online   9 - 15 December 2010
Issue No. 1026
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

Fatah riven with fights
With accusations against Abbas and his circle multiplying, the struggle within Fatah is turning personal, writes Saleh Al-Naami
WikiLeaks 'vindicated Israel'
Intention is determinative, asserts Jeff Gates
Stating the obvious
The latest WikiLeaks dispatch contained no surprises, but nonetheless reveals the propagandistic role of US diplomacy, writes Ramzy Baroud
Let them eat yellowcake
Has the West lost the stomach to pressure Iran into submission, asks Amani Maged
War by other means
The latest negotiations about Iran's nuclear programme will go the same way as the others, writes Graham Usher in New York
For all the world to see
Disclosures made by the Internet site WikiLeaks will come as no surprise to Iraqis, whose plight has now been more fully revealed, writes Salah Hemeid
Showdown in Khartoum
The ICC warrant is the Western gun in Al-Bashir's back pushing him to cede the south, says Asmaa El-Husseini
A traitor and an assassin
A leaked US embassy cable revealed an act of perfidy by a Lebanese cabinet minister, as the Special Tribunal gets set to accuse Al-Hariri's assassin, reports Lucy Fielder
Syria in the middle
With Syria and Saudi Arabia leading efforts to pre-empt indictments in the investigation into the assassination of Rafik Al-Hariri, what might Syria's intentions be, asks Bassel Oudat in Damascus

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