Al-Ahram Weekly Online   16 - 22 December 2010
Issue No. 1027
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Lebanon needs both unity and justice
As the work of investigators into the Hariri assassination draws to a close, Lebanon must stand resolute, knowing that unity and justice are not an either/or, writes James Zogby
Last word on the elections
While so many cried foul over the results of Egypt's parliamentary elections, the reality is that the opposition parties failed utterly to mount effective campaigns, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Insisting on their humanity
A new book-length study of the Palestinian issue and its history admirably underlines the human struggle against victimhood of the Palestinian people, writes Ramzy Baroud
Can the PA declare a state?
As the Palestinian leadership lets a flood of priceless opportunities slip away, will it have the courage to declare a state, asks Stuart Littlewood
Efforts to halt human trafficking
An international conference under the patronage of Mrs Suzanne Mubarak was held this week in Luxor, aiming to find ways of ending the scourge of human trafficking, writes Mona Mikhail
The Palestinians have rights too
Why do the Palestinians apparently not have the same rights as all other peoples, asks Abdel-Qader Yassine

What next?

Close up:
Other options?
By Salama A Salama

Make up your mind, Obama!
By Makram Mohamed Ahmed

This week:
George Mitchell

Cartoon by Gomaa

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