Al-Ahram Weekly Online   31 December 2009 - 6 January 2010
Issue No. 978
New Decade's special edition
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

2020: Sooner than you think
The future will not wait and no one can stop its coming. It brings along the opportunities it offers, writes Assem El-Kersh
10 years back, 10 years forward
There will be no seismic shifts in Egypt's coming decade, writes Abdel-Moneim Said. Rather, we can safely expect a continuation and consolidation of reforms that are already underway
Words, words, words
Eric Walberg looks at some of the most important political events of the first decade in the 21st century
Trams changed our lives
Samir Sobhi relates how a little invention went a long way, as did a few piastres
Once upon a century
Looking at Al-Ahram's edition of 1 January 1920, Dina Ezzat finds similarities as well as differences
The long view
A decade on... and then some more. Hossam Badrawi sets his sights on 2030
Plus ça change
While the current political elite is likely to remain in power, by 2020 the dynamics of modernisation will have changed Egypt fundamentally, writes Amr Hamzawi
A shorter history of the future
As a new era dawns, Assem El-Kersh is intent on repeating the mistakes of a long line of forecasters
A less noisy evolution
Egypt's next leap towards progress need not be the product of the sound and fury of revolution, writes Gehad Auda
Two parties in one
It is inevitable that Egypt's ruling party splits between centre right and centre left currents to ensure real grassroots presence, argues Amr Elchobaki
Divided they stand
Unless the ruling party becomes stronger, and less reliant on the state apparatus, opposition parties will continue to flounder, writes Wahid Abdel-Maguid
Educated guess
What shape will education in Egypt take in 2020? A veteran in the subject tells Mohamed El-Sayed it's not as simple as ABC
Towards a functioning social order
Ismail Serageldin argues that we do not necessarily have to leave for posterity what we had
Treading the nuclear path
Will nuclear energy be Egypt's sole alternative? Mohamed El-Sayed seeks answers
The looming danger
Amr Kamal Hamouda is pessimistic about prospects for power supplies
Growing out of trouble
Achieving high growth rates is the only way Egypt can fight the twin tests of an ever-increasing population and spiralling unemployment rates, Minister of Economic Development Osman Mohamed Osman tells Mona El-Fiqi
Selecting a better tomorrow
Can we determine our fortunes? Yes, writes Ibrahim El-Issawy, with the right tools in place
Look ahead in anger
Assem El-Kersh asks the celebrated screenwriter Wahid Hamid what he expects of the next 10 years
Pressing concerns
Veteran journalist Salama Ahmed Salama speaks to Assem El-kersh and Shaden Shehab about the challenges facing the press and the present ills of journalism
This story is taking place as we speak
By 2020, the way we consume news will be drastically different, writes Tarek Atia. Are those who make the media ready for the new realities?
Ready to drop the ball?
Soccer is by far the most popular sport in Egypt but it's squash that we should extol, reports Inas Mazhar
...of course not!
While the intrinsic value of the Beautiful Game is arguable, Alaa Abdel-Ghani sees no debate over our passion and obsession which will last forever
Infinite dreams
The sound of 2020 is musical but is the future going to be that agreeable? Al-Ahram Weekly asks Egyptians from different backgrounds about their visions
Wirelessly wired
Imagining himself 40 years from now, poet and essayist Omar Taher, Egypt's literary equivalent of a post-modern comedian, writes a letter to his present self

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