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Hopeful or hopeless?
Under American pressure, Abbas has agreed to indirect talks with Israel, with some Arab support and without preconditions, writes Dina Ezzat
Heading east
Egypt is positioning itself on Asian investors' radar screens, writes Niveen Wahish from Hong Kong
Statement for change
Mohamed El-Baradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has issued a declaration outlining his vision of political reform, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Opposition vs El-Baradei
Official opposition parties plan to organise a three-day conference on constitutional reform, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Iraq in the balance
On the eve of anticipated national elections in Iraq, Dina Ezzat speaks to Iraqi refugees in Egypt about their fears and hopes
Thunderstorms lashed the country in ways not seen in years, prompting calls for the government to put in place a proper drainage system. Reem Leila reports on a day in which it was even snowing
Court in recess
The appointment of female law graduates to the administrative judiciary is far from settled, reports Mona El-Nahhas
In the absence of will
The National Council for Human Rights' new anti-torture unit this week announced its action plan. Amira Howeidy reports
Ten years on
The Labour Party is back, at least according to one of its factions. Mohamed Abdel-Baky reviews the reality behind the sound-bites
Tough task at hand
Dealing with the budget deficit will need more than a nip here and a tuck there, writes Niveen Wahish
Valve remains open
A court verdict ends the debate on gas exports to Israel but opens the door to other interpretations, reports Sherine Nasr
Policy of provocation
Israeli provocations, including annexing Islamic sites to an alleged heritage list, are creating a powder keg in the occupied territories, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
Resistance and discord
When everyone knows that Israel's occupation cannot be ended when Palestinians are disunited, why does division continue, asks Saleh Al-Naami
Hopes for Iraq's elections
Will next week's elections be enough to put Iraq back on its own feet after years of turmoil, asks Salah Hemeid
Turkey's military under pressure
The detention of 68 serving and retired members of the Turkish military on suspicion of plotting a coup in 2003 marks a shift in the balance of power in Turkey, reports Gareth Jenkins from Istanbul
Over-the-top summit
Was it a war council or a sign of Iranian angst, asks Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Covert intelligence war?
National security comes into focus in Lebanon as the US embassy in Beirut seeks information no foreign entity should have, reports Omayma Abdel-Latif
Taking distance from separatists
The opposition coalition in Yemen has a mixed record when it comes to supporting the struggle of southern Yemenis, writes Mohamed Abdel-Meguid
Odd couple
Eight hundred vs 250,000 dead. Chileans moved on all fronts to cope with catastrophe while Haitians fight for their survival a month after a disastrous earthquake, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Ruptured order
The Cairo Opera Ballet Company's production of Aram Khachaturian's ballet Spartacus left the audience with some intriguing questions, writes Ati Metwaly
And the winner is....
The last film in Turkish director Samih Kaplanoglu's Yusuf Trilogy won the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival, writes Samir Farid
Cherchez la femme
Who is the real champion here? Is it Qassem Amin, or is it the Egyptian woman? Rania Khallaf attends Walid Aouni's latest dance performance
Moments of immutable beauty
Osama Kamal pays a virtual visit to a dilapidated palace that turns itself inside out to tell its story
'Screens to heaven'
More and more conservative religious channels are appearing on the small screen, changing the way people consume religion, writes Mohamed El-Sayed
Singing in the rain
Introduced to the work of Project Yourself, an innovative forum for young people, Injy El-Kashef gives three cheers for self-expression
England's problems are over
Before meeting Egypt in a friendly, Fabio Capello downplayed the personal matters plaguing some of his best players. Abeer Anwar reports from London

Workers at Kom Al-Hettan area on Luxor's west bank removing the newly discovered granite head of Tutankhamun's grandfather, King Amenhotep III, for restoration...

Momentous new finds
By Nevine El-Aref
Possibilities of war: Iran
By Azmi Bishara


Forever in prison?
By Gihan Shahine


Changing the nation
Without foresight and sacrifice Egypt in the future will be but an improvement on, not a departure from, its present state, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Abuse of language
Divinely ordained or not, chauvinism, as championed by rightwing ideologues, should have no place in American politics, writes James Zogby
Ejected from God's House
At the mosque on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC , Margot Badran encountered a frustrating experience
Islam and the civic state
The true kernel of Islamic government is not rule by experts, but self-rule by conscience. Hence the people should be primary source of authority, writes Salah Salem
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