Al-Ahram Weekly Online   1 - 7 April 2010
Issue No. 992
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The cost of blind support
American taxpayers' money is still supporting, to the tune of billions and at a time of recession, a foreign power whose actions damage US interests, writes Ralph Nader
Zionists against Zion?
Zionists are eager beavers, but all the chewing in the world won't help if the forest rots, notes Shahid Alam
AIPAC: Telling a whopper
Direct action, writes Stephanie Westbrook , may be the only means left of countering Israeli deceptions
Americans and Palestine
For a large portion of Americans, the balanced facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not known, writes James Zogby
What kind of grand imam is he?
With a new head chosen, Moataz-Bellah Abdel-Fattah asks if Sunni Islam's foremost religious institution, Al-Azhar, can regain its lustre
Bibi makes it personal
Aside from the usual canards, Israel's premier is claiming ancient heritage on the basis of his immigrant father's assumed name. Well, why not, ponders Ahmed Amr
Iraq is an Arab test
The aftermath of the Iraqi elections will show whether or not democracy can ever lay roots in the region, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
In Focus: The limits of Israeli infiltration
Differences between the West and Israel form at least a narrow corridor for the Arabs to exploit, writes Galal Nassar
The G20 must change
The spirit of the Congress of Vienna, where great powers assembled to govern the world, is outmoded in the contemporary international community, writes Jonas Gahr St¿re

Another fiasco

Close up:
The final summit?
By Salama A Salama

No more IslamOnline
By Amr Elshobaki

This week:
Muammar Gaddafi

Cartoon by Gomaa

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