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Issue No. 1052
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Could be anybody

Sir-- Your newspapers say this so-called Israeli spy was equipped with "communication devices, laptops, CDs, flash memory, iphone, an ipad, and a memory card". Hey, 90 per cent of any college campus students would qualify as spies under this damning evidence. And how does one go about sabotaging a revolution? Did he make signs for the protesters that were misspelled?

Mark Bergstein
New York

Not Fatah, not Hamas

Sir-- I was having coffee the other day and I struck up a conversation with the people at the next table. Turns out they were Palestinians. So I asked them if they were excited about September? They just looked at each other and then back at me and said, "We don't know what you're talking about."

I explained about Abbas's recent trip to Europe and the possible UN vote. They said "Oh, okay." I was a little surprised at the lack of enthusiasm so I then asked them if they supported Fatah. They just smiled and said "No". And added, "We care even less for Hamas" and smiled.

They explained that they felt both Fatah and Hamas have their own agendas and it is all about enriching and empowering themselves, not about the Palestinian people. Peace is what they want. Peace and a future.

Peter Simms

Done before

Sir-- How could going to the UN General Assembly be classified as unilateral action? If that's the case, then Israel was created by unilateral action.

Meite Ben Youssef
Côte d'Ivoire

Better wake up

Sir-- The chickens are coming home to roost. The US had better get out of bed with these Middle East nations and begin to provide our own oil and other resources. We will be too greatly affected by these people.

Eric Martell

Don't leave

Sir-- When I heard that Dr Zahi Hawass may step down as minister, I was devastated. I know of no other man who has dedicated his entire life to the glory and preservation of ancient Egypt as Dr Hawass. I knew Dr Hawass when I lived in Giza many years ago. I was no one special, yet he always made time for me, always made me feel welcome.

All great men stir up passions and jealousies. I am sure Dr Hawass is no different, but what a great heart and soul he has! I am terrified at what is now about to happen to Egypt's sacred monuments without his firm and guiding hand. He is a man truly deserving of your respect.

Khadija Hammond
North Carolina

Left is right

Sir-- Re "Nostalgia or a new political direction?" ( Al-Ahram Weekly 26 May-1 June) as a red diaper baby I have always held up the ideal of social justice. But after a while I have had to ask myself what it is. Does it mean that everybody gets the same amount of everything? Does it mean that workers should get a "fair wage"? I have definitely seen how some people, smart and organised, are better able to make money grow. They definitely ride roughshod over others, but shouldn't they be in charge anyway? For I am pretty sure that their riding roughshod over others is part of their ability to get things done. I must admit that I have become more and more troubled lately by the left's refusal to describe just what they are fighting for. The word "progressive" exemplifies it. What are progressives progressing towards? Sometimes I get the feeling that the real goal of the left is to have a warm cuddly feeling that comes from being around generous-hearted people.

Mark Doner

Stop voting

Sir-- We need to stop voting Muslims into political office in our country. By voting Muslims into office, we are destroying our country from within.

April Sobers

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