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Egypt's tug-of-war
Opinion on the transition period in Egypt is polarising, with officials promoting a calculated approach, and demonstrators demanding more rapid change,writes Dina Ezzat
The Islamists are coming
Tomorrow's demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square will show how extensivethe Islamists' grassroots support is, writes Amani Maged
Will Mubarak really face trial?
With the trial of ousted former president Hosni Mubarak scheduled to begin next week, there is still little sign of how and where it will be held, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Enter the accused
The public has been watching the appearance of the former minister of interior in the dock with fascination and is now eagerly awaiting the trial of Mubarak, writes Jailan Halawi
News analysis: A revolution in peril
The backbiting between the ruling military council and protesters is threatening to, and unbecoming of, the January Revolution and its aims, writes Galal Nassar
'We are not dictators'
Egypt's transitional military rulers have reiterated pledges to hand over power to a civilian elected government, denying that they are seeking to carve out a role in the country's political life, reports Emad Mekay
Pre-revolutionary practices
Individual candidacy, threats of an opposition boycott, the exclusion of international monitors. Egypt's first post-revolution election contains echoes of the Mubarak-era past, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
Time to make plans?
Another week, another foreign minister. What will be his priorities, asks Doaa El-Bey
Protesting for the right to divorce
Copts seeking the right to divorce and remarry feel they are still between a rock and a hard place, writes Rasha Sadek
Real estate slowdown
2011 is a lost year for the real estate sector, Nesma Nowar reports
Coupons first
Plans to rationalise energy subsidies may soon go into effect, reports Ahmed Kotb
Egypt resumes Palestinian mediation efforts
Aiming to save the agreement signed recently in Cairo, Egypt will again gather the divided Palestinian factions in the name of reconciliation and unity, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
Birth of a new alliance
The turn in Turkish-Israeli relations has proved a boon for Balkan states, and Greece, who are falling over themselves to cosy up to Israel, writes Saleh Al-Naami from Gaza
Will Israel revoke the Oslo Accords?
While Israel is threatening to collapse the Palestinian Authority, Palestinians seem determined to seek UN recognition of statehood in September, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem
Gaza's tunnels: an inside perspective
With the Israeli blockade continuing unabated, Palestinians have no choice but to use thousands of tunnels to Egypt in order to survive, writes Alexandra Robinson from Gaza
Turabi returns to Egypt
After more than two decades of boycott, Sudan's renowned Islamist leader has visited Egypt, proposing lessons to learn from Sudan's mistakes, writes Asmaa Al-Husseini
Not sectarianism
The Syrian government has blamed sectarian tensions for the protests sweeping the country, with observers saying that it is the regime itself that is behind the strife, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Libya's real deal
Talks between representatives of the Gaddafi regime and the opposition forces are welcome but should not be rushed considering the bloodshed, counsels Gamal Nkrumah
Tightening the noose
The battle against Al-Qaeda continues apace in Yemen, despite the power vacuum, marvels Nasser Arrabyee
Clashes in Kurdistan
Cross-border clashes between Iranian and Kurdish fighters are stoking fears of a new Middle East flashpoint, writes Salah Nasrawi
The tribunal test
With Hizbullah's Nasrallah vowing that the suspects in the Rafik Al-Hariri killing will never be found, Saad Al-Hariri is set to return to pressure the government, writes Lucy Fielder
Breivik's brazenness
White rights and White power threaten to topple Norwegian and European liberal democracy by terror tactics, remonstrates Gamal Nkrumah
Behind Norway's Kristalnacht
The massacre in peaceful Oslo was a replay of this earlier tragedy in reverse -- no longer the Jews as victims but as the inspiration of terror against non-Jews -- as Israel extends its wars not only to Greek ports and French airports but to Norwegian children's camps, complete with rabbinical blessings for the murderers, notes Eric Walberg
'Israel-firsters': Murdoch and others
The pro-Israel lobby has infiltrated the British government at every level, making a mockery of standards in public life, writes Stuart Littlewood from London
The body cannot live without the mind
Youssef Rakha on resistance
Gems in dust
Ati Metwaly enjoys the breeze -- almost
Book review: Elephant dance
Min Al-Ekhwan ila Midan Al-Tahrir (From the Brotherhood to Tahrir Square), Osama Dorra; Cairo: Al-Masri Publishing House, 2011
Reviewed by Soha Hesham
Self-recharging period
The Egyptian domestic football league is due to include 19 teams as the Egyptian Football Association is about to officially cancel relegation this season. Ahmed Morsy reports
FIFA-Bin Hammam tug-of-war
Following his life ban by FIFA, former Asian Football Confederation Mohamed Bin Hammam insists on seeking justice and proving his innocence. Inas Mazhar writes

Aside from Chinese-made plastic innovations, the traditional brass fanous, or lantern, remains a heartening symbol of Ramadan, evidence of the continuity of a tradition that goes beyond religion per se into craftsmanship and a culture of beauty...


The sunset years of oil
By Hussein Abdallah


Thailand tale
By Sherif Sonbol


Death of democracy
Israel enforces its will on any nation denying thereby the rights of free people everywhere, writes William A. Cook
Horror of horrors
No state that glorifies and trades in violence can expect members of its society to do anything otherwise, writes Curtis Doebbler
The future is Palestine
The Palestinians should take their case for statehood to the UN this September and not be cowed by US rejectionism, writes Jeremy R. Hammond
East and West, beyond stereotypes
Religion is a source of happiness and comfort, while equal rights in citizenship is essential to a healthy political order, writes Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh
Remember Egypt's regional role
Momentous changes are taking place at the regional level, and the domestic situation in Egypt should not overrun Egypt's capacity to engage with them, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Commentary: What's at stake in Syria
Syria is the lynchpin of the Arab Spring; if the outcome is continued oppression, the stability of the whole region could be put in the balance, writes James Zogby
Puppets in revolt
As the will of the imperial US to sustain decade-long wars wanes, the puppets it promoted scramble to appear independent, fearful for their positions and lives, writes James Petras
On the path to another revolution
It may be difficult for Egypt's military to return to the role it played before the 1952 Revolution, but it is its duty to do so, writes Ahmad Naguib Roushdy
Domination and discrimination
Responding to readership requests, Jill Kamil summarises the religious dynamics between Muslims and Copts during the Ottoman era
Salama A Salama:
Time to get serious

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