Al-Ahram Weekly Online   4 - 10 August 2011
Issue No. 1059
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner:

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Show time

Sir-- The world is now going to see a show trial (which the Soviets were masters at) in which Mubarak does not stand a chance, nor do his sons. The fix is in from the go! It's going to be ugly and you can be sure that all three will be found "guilty" and brutally & publicly executed, Sharia style. Convention hall? Why not at the Pyramids? You obviously intend to "bury" him. Actually, I am sure thousands of Egyptian people will be happy to see him hanged in Tahrir Square.

Peter Thoronson
New York

Easier way out

Sir-- Another example of wrong prevailing because of the 2008 US election results. Another president would have leveraged Egypt into just exiling Mubarak and sons or actually, would have not repeated Carter's betrayal of the shah, and Mubarak would still be America's ally in power.

Merv Gilbert

Irony of it all

Sir-- I drove by this academy almost every day when I lived in Cairo. Before the revolution, it was named the Mubarak Police Academy in big white letters similar to the Hollywood sign. Less than a week after he stepped down, they removed Mubarak from its name. Kind of ironic.

Tamer Fawzi

Nation was safer

Sir-- Seems to me these protests simply unleashed all the violent weirdos who are now engaging in orgies of pointless demonstrations. Mubarak at least kept the country safe enough for tourists and Christians to an extent. Quo vadis Egypt?

Renita Salizar
New York

Human rights Ramadan

Sir-- Over one billion people around the world, on all continents and throughout all social strata of any given society will join in the Ramadan holiday. It is a time when people contemplate the world and themselves in it, a time of both discipline and celebration and a reminder of how equal in life we all are.

With the Arab Spring having passed into Arab Summer, new constitutions being drafted, ideas and visions of the future being debated and wars continuing throughout the region, the Arab Summer could indeed meld into the first international Human Rights Ramadan, instilling in this arduous evolutionary process the values and concepts found in Islam and enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Since 2011 Muslims accused of breeding terrorism can take the global lead in establishing a world based on a foundation of human rights, envelope this framework in their respective constitutions and encourage the rest of the world to follow.

Over the next month, from Tahrir Square to every square in the Islamic world the message of human rights could be spread, could be incorporated in daily life, in political and social values and integrated into the hearts and minds of citizens around the world.

If the Arab Spring is going to have life and purpose, then the value and equality of each and every individual, women, men, youth and children, must be recognised and respected.

To make this the universal message during Ramadan, let the world know where the Arab Spring is going. Throughout history the MENA region has surprised the world; it is my hope that it will continue to do so, and that from this August forward, Ramadan will be associated with the global movement for human rights integration into our everyday lives.

Robert Kesten

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