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Transition causes a stir
In the face of schedules and counter-schedules confusion abounds, reports Dina Ezzat
Betting on potential
The Egyptian economy may be faltering but economists agree its fundamentals remain strong, writes Niveen Wahish
Similar sense of victory
In the wake of the revolution, the anniversary of the 1973 October War is being commemorated with renewed passion, reports Amirah Ibrahim
Tantawi breaks his silence
Celebrations marking the 38th anniversary of the October War arrive amid growing criticism of the performance of the military council, reports Amirah Ibrahim
When is a threat not a threat?
When it's a boycott, of course. Gamal Essam El-Din examines a week in which what began as a political crisis descended into farce
End of the affair?
Is the pact between the Wafd and the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party over? No one seems to know, writes Mona El-Nahhas
Grapel stays
US attempts to release an alleged American-Israeli spy have yet to succeed, reports Doaa El-Bey
Church fire fires up Copts
Dozens of angry Copts protested in front of the National Radio and Television building against the torching of the Marinab Church. Reem Leila reports
No treasure in archaeologists' vaults
Nevine El-Aref asks what the future holds for Egypt's antiquities, and how the new man at the helm plans to handle a department threatened by a critical lack of funds
Managing change
The World Bank's recently published report, Middle East and North Africa Economic Developments and Prospects: Investing for Growth and Jobs, shows that job creation is not so much an issue related to economic growth as it is to policy. Niveen Wahish talks to Caroline Freund, World Bank chief economist for the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA), about some of the report's findings and about policy challenges the region faces.
After September
Following Abbas's celebrated speech in New York, Palestinians wonder whether international support in the UN will help them attain freedom and national rights, writes Khaled Amayreh
Abbas battling on many fronts
The Palestinian president is caught between the anvil of domestic public opinion and the hammer of US economic sanctions as the UN bid for recognition proceeds, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Failing the region
The crises in Palestine and Syria have exposed only the Security Council's indecision, writes Graham Usher at the UN
Rejecting intervention
Talk of foreign military intervention to halt the killings in Syria has been rejected by the country's opposition groups and confirmed at the UN, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Exodus from Syria
The exodus from Syria to neighbouring countries continues, as Syrians flee the brutality of the security forces putting down protests against the Al-Assad regime
How to destroy a revolution
In Washington, Ramzy Baroud looks at the spectre of US intervention in the Syrian uprising
Post-Gaddafi paradox
Libya's new policymakers fiddle while tribal elders are hurtling down the country's road to perdition, predicts Gamal Nkrumah
Campaigning starts in Tunisia
According to opinion polls, the Islamist Al-Nahda Party will gain the most votes in the forthcoming Tunisian elections, writes Al-As'ad bin Ahmed from Tunis
Al-Qaeda's false retreat in Iraq
If Al-Qaeda is really on the retreat in Iraq as US top brass say, why is the organisation still able to create havoc in the country, asks Salah Nasrawi
Unconstitutional, disorderly and nonpeaceful
Yemen's tragedy drags on with Saleh's and the Americans' tiresome tricks, reports Nasser Arrabyee in Sanaa
Greece and global jumble
The rulebooks are being torn up as world financial markets have this week been thrown into fresh Pandemonium after Greece missed its deficit target, sums up Gamal Nkrumah
A matter of fulfilment
Ati Metwaly indulges her appetites
Culture's new impresario
There is a desperate need for funding and fresh views in his department, the new head of the Supreme Council for Culture tells Venus Fouad
Rango is coming back
The winner of the Roskilde Festival World Music Award for 2011 is the Egyptian Centre for Local Music (Al-Mastaba Centre), Rania Khallaf reports
What do today's children read?
Though reading venues for children exist throughout Egypt, there are still worries about how assiduously they use them, says Abeya El-Bakry
We saw this before
In a re-match of the 2008 Egyptian Cup final, Zamalek hope history repeats itself while Enppi want a different ending, Ahmed Morsy reports
Aiming for 2012
Egypt will host the 10th African Shooting Championship which might take the country to the London Olympics, reports Ghada Abdel-Kader

THE BEARDS worn by the men being honoured here are no indication of political Islam -- far from it: these are October War heroes who, having spent the 1973 War and its aftermath beyond enemy lines for six months, had simply not had time to shave when they were met by Ahmed Ismail, the field marshal at the time...

Debating the gender of angels
By Ahmed El-Tonsi


Dag Hammarskjold, 50 years on
In the 50 years since Hammarskjold led the UN, there has never been another like him, writes El-Sayed Amin Shalabi
Netanyahu's little lie
The Israeli prime minister says he has already pitched in for peace, whereas in reality he has done nothing but undermine it, writes James Zogby
US policy and the Arab Spring
If Washington vetoes Palestinian state recognition in the Security Council it will irreparably harm its standing and interests in the Arab region, writes Azmi Ashour
This wide world and us
Egypt needs progress so should take a few elemental lessons from societies that have been able to progress, the first one being, keep it simple, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Egypt needs a mindset revolution
To the victors go the spoils of war and the results of elections, but what happens to popular uprisings, asks Hdeel Abdelhady
Yemen's field of scarecrows
Anwar Al-Awlaki's death will only bring more misery to Yemenis, writes James Gundun in Washington
Salama A Salama:
The 'fulul' thing!

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