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Issue No. 1067
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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More than a match

Sir-- I have travelled to both Greek and Turkish Cyprus and can say the Turks were more genuine than the Greeks but they were traditionally treated as second class citizens. The Turks on the Freedom flotilla killed by the Israelis last year did not die in vain because now the Israelis are facing one of the largest armies in the world and they only are used to fighting people with sticks and stones. When the Palestinians get their recognition at the UN, energy will be pushed from the Gazan sea.

Michael Kerwick

Med muscle

Sir-- If these Mediterranean countries are smart, they will form their own economic, political and mutual defence union. They will have defence in depth. The Israelis may have the Palestinians in their pocket but Turkey can cut its pipeline off and block the Black Sea, Egypt the canal and Libya their oil. There would be some economic hit for them but the hit on the West would be much more, and if their arrogance triggers war, then Americans just might wake up. But any new emerging Mediterranean union would have to be carefully handled PR wise to blunt the scare tactics to paint them as a threat.

Jim Dean

Jihad video

Sir-- The Muslim Brotherhood's radical beliefs may be working their way into Egypt's future governance. Now, Jihad has a startling new video that showcases a Brotherhood member advocating the murder of "every Zionist who enters Egypt". These are the people who will be leading Egypt? This is what you wanted? These people are taking over your wonderful country and its beautiful people?

Mickey Mathis

Different walls

Sir-- Did you notice any difference between these wall bashing, democratic Egyptians and the Germans who tore down the Berlin Wall? One group is not democratic.

Phil Lander
New York

What Germany learnt

Sir-- When hatred is taught in school, when young children learn Jew hatred from their version of Sesame Street, this is what results -- rioting against an Israeli embassy. Hatred can't be turned on and off like a water spigot. Be careful what you teach your children, for you may unleash evil. And, evil attacks all those in its path, without discriminating. The Germans learned that a few decades ago.

Karen Maxwell

Official U-turns

Sir-- Mubarak was a friend and ally of the US government, Hillary Clinton praised him at the time of the uprising and Joe Biden said he was not a dictator before he was ousted. But both took it back after he was overthrown. What are these people doing in office?

Charles Koppelman


Sir-- This is the end of all Arab and other leaders if they do not escape earlier from their countries. It's about time these corrupt heads of state answer for their crimes.

Robert Walsh

All alone

Sir-- The will of the people was triumphant in the end. Mubarak, your Zionist friends and billions can't do anything for you now!

Debra Goldfield
New Jersey

Embassy protection

Sir-- Fact is any attack on any embassy is an attack upon the country of the named embassy and that could be considered an act of war. The world is setting a dangerous precedence by not condemning Egypt for this violation.

Embassies are considered sovereign land and the host country is obligated to provide security. All embassies in Egypt, no matter their origin, are now in danger.

Jeff Assofsky
New York

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