Al-Ahram Weekly Online   5 - 11 January 2012
Issue No. 1079
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Believe in Egypt

Sir-- We don't need to get involved in foreign politics. Instead, we should be an example of what a democracy should be and believe in the Egyptians that they will create a fair government. The true nature of Egypt's people is speaking clearly to the rest of the world.

Adam Fehrer

Thank the Democrats

Sir-- Thanks Obama. You were warned this is probably what would happen when you helped oust America's friend, Mubarak, from power yet you did it anyway. The same thing will happen in Libya where they are already flying Al-Qaeda flags over many buildings. The conservatives have proven right again. Liberals gave us the Islamic Republic of Iran, and now they have given us the Islamic Republic of Egypt. Carter and Obama, two fools, two failures.

Carolyn Spicer

Missing passion

Sir-- Just because so many of us in the West have no place for God, it doesn't mean Arabs are the same. Every Muslim country on the planet wants Islam to be the core of the government. This is why so many right-wing Christian hate them. They are just plain jealous that this passion is so completely missing in their people.

Fran Walton

Horror scenes

Sir-- Never have I seen such cowardice and cheap shots at unarmed citizens than has been evident in recent days. The recently released videos reveal a penchant for attacking the small and the weak, especially defenseless women. The generals' crocodile tears mark them as equally culpable with the masked perpetrators on the streets. To those citizens who saw the rioting police: the right thing to do is to step up and identify them. Write down and publish their names, and never allow them to rise in power or authority. You have the power and the right.

Marwan Ezzat

Nothing new

Sir-- The election results in Egypt is only to be expected. Egypt is after all a Muslim country. Of course, Islamists would make gains. They are a majority; why would anybody expect anything different. It is no different than saying Baptist are winning elections in Texas.

Nour Fayez

On the cover

Sir-- Are these the recipients of Time Magazine's People of the Year Award?

Trisha Rohrs

The right to stop

Sir-- Although we have no real right to object to anyone that runs for office we do have the right and the obligation to stop payments to those we consider enemies. One of our biggest problems is that the State Department has no idea; it just gives away and gives away.

Chuck Craig
New York

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