Al-Ahram Weekly Online   8 - 14 March 2012
Issue No. 1088
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Netanyahu hopes for a different Washington
With Palestinian rights off the agenda, all focus is on the drums of war against Iran, writes James Zogby
Let's make war
If US intelligence believes Iran hasn't got an active nuclear weapons programme, why are Western politicians so keen to promote war against the country, asks Stuart Littlewood
Testimonies from the heart of darkness
In the second instalment of her reports from the occupied West Bank, Tamar Fleishman describes sentences handed down in Israeli military courts
Too much at stake
Despite recent tensions regarding the trial of US civil society personnel in Cairo, US-Egyptian strategic relations will survive intact, writes El-Sayed Amin Shalabi
The poverty of theocracy
No religious current can claim a monopoly on social values, but this truth seems to have escaped Islamists who have risen to prominence on the back of the Arab Spring, writes Azmi Ashour
Reform the police, but keep it professional
Post-revolutionary Tunisia faces the same security concerns as Egypt, but is addressing them with more maturity, writes Eman Ragab
Free will in focus
The NGO workers crisis is not about Egypt's dignity so much as its lack of free will, writes Ahmed El-Tonsi
Syria's uncertain future
The Syrian revolution is in a war of nerves with a regime that shows no signs of backing down, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Rich man, poor man
Globally people are rising against social injustice, demanding that the rich support the poor, writes Ayman El-Amir
Living side by side, almost!
Equality of citizenry must exist in the hearts of men before it can be practised socially, writes Samir Sobhi

Debacle of the NGOs

Close up:
Learn these lessons
By Salama A Salama

The people and social democracy
By Vivian Fouad

This week:
Tharwat Okasha

Cartoon by Gomaa

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