Al-Ahram Weekly Online   5 - 11 April 2012
Issue No. 1092
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

A 'stillborn' assembly
As the constituent assembly meets without a quarter of its members its claims to be representative are fast descending into farce, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
Hole in the wall
Residents and activists breach one of the army-built concrete barriers that disfigure Downtown streets, Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports
Smugglers foiled again
Egypt has recuperated a large number of authentic ancient Egyptian artefacts including two anthropoid sarcophagus lids, Nevine El-Aref reports
Shifting the goalposts
By seeking the presidency the Muslim Brotherhood is rewriting the interim period's political scenarios, writes Amira Howeidy
Square tango
As the Muslim Brotherhood breaks yet another promise and fields a presidential candidate, analysts argue over whether it has SCAF's blessing or not, writes Amani Maged
Plumbing the depths
Military pardons allow Khairat El-Shater's presidential bid, claims the Brotherhood's lawyer. Mona El-Nahhas delves into murky legal waters
Cautious response
The fielding of Khairat El-Shater as the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for the presidential elections drew cautious international reaction, Doaa El-Bey reports

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