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'On the brink'
Attacks against protesters in front of the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Abbasiya could derail the transition of power, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky
Political 'hysteria'
The Muslim Brotherhood risks alienating the public as it tries desperately to cling on to political gains made in a parliamentary election that might yet be judged unconstitutional, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
'A potential winner'
Dina Ezzat reviews the programmes of presidential candidates Amr Moussa and Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh and their place in public opinion
In the footsteps of Nasser
Mohamed Abdel-Baky interviews presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi and gauges views for and against him
Long odds
Mona El-Nahhas assesses the chances of presidential contender Hisham El-Bastawisi
A life in government service
Ahmed Eliba interviews and profiles former Intelligence General Ahmed Hossam Khairallah, who is running for the presidency
The final word
Mona El-Nahhas provides a résumé of the members of the Presidential Elections Commission, a body whose decisions cannot be appealed
Salafis choose Abul-Fotouh
That a large number of Salafis have come out in favour of expelled Muslim Brother Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh surprised many, reports Amani Maged
On trial
What has been the impact of the Ahmed El-Gizawi case on Egypt and its relations with Saudi Arabia, asks Doaa El-Bey
More rhetoric than substance
The Muslim Brotherhood has finally published its Renaissance plan. Amira Howeidy discovers it adds little flesh to the already well known skeleton
Brotherhood blocks deal
The latest attempt to reach an agreement that will allow a new constitution to be in place ahead of presidential elections ends in deadlock, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Permanently parked
Despite deadly attacks, demonstrators participating in the Ministry of Defence sit-in refuse to leave until their demands are met, Ahmed Morsy reports
Bedouin backing
Sinai tribes are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Egyptian military, Amirah Ibrahim reports
Back in the spotlight
Nobel peace prize winner Mohamed El-Baradei has launched a new party, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky
Battle of the ages
Parliament is currently reviewing the possibility of regulating custody and visitation rights, reports Reem Leila
Don't shoot the jester
In an unprecedented development, writes Youssef Rakha, comedy superstar Adel Imam is facing a possible three-month prison sentence for alleged "contempt of religion" in several of his films
Economic ruptures
Now that there is a political rift between Riyadh and Cairo, Sherine Abdel-Razek finds out how deep the two countries' economic ties are
Sudan conflict continues
Will the UN put its foot down on Sudanese fighting? Asmaa El-Husseini poses the question
Tuscaloosa to Tawargha
Can Al-Keib take on the NTC and punch above his weight? Gamal Nkrumah wonders
For the sake of settlers
The expansionist Zionist project continues to enjoy immunity before Israeli law as settlers grab daily more Arab land, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
The end of Camp David?
Cairo's move to cancel gas exports to Israel has Israeli strategists and politicians quietly panicked, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Hamas questions student elections
College elections results spur doubts as to the possible fairness of general elections in the West Bank due this year, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
The Middle East's 'S-word'
Framing the pro-democracy protests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as 'sectarian' subtly delegitimises the democratic aspirations of millions of people, argues Khadija Magardie
Dismantling the crisis?
Ending Iraq's political turmoil will take more than a leadership mini-summit, which is why the world should be prepared for a prolonged crisis, writes Salah Nasrawi
Amman U-turn
Jordan's political troubles are increasing, says Khetam Malkawi
Jordanian political manoeuvring
The struggle for power in Jordan continues, with democracy a moot point, says Ali Younes
Mission not yet impossible
The Anan peace plan is taking flak but it still offers the best way forward, writes Graham Usher at the UN
Buying time?
Is the Anan peace plan simply a way for the international community to delay taking difficult decisions on the Syrian crisis, asks Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Malians like a moan?
Is Sanogo an American sleazeball in Bamako after Monday's counter-coup in Mali? Gamal Nkrumah considers the implications
A la franaise
Ati Metwaly samples an impromptu feast
The quick and the dead
Soha Hesham discovers who used to photograph Mubarak
Lovingthe vampire
The romantic vampire film Twilight has been enjoying worldwide success since its release in the States four years ago. But is it better to watch the movie or read the book, asks Mohamed Sameh
Down the lane
The Sinai International Open Bowling Championship came to an end in Cairo, reports Ghada Abdel-Kader

With plumes of smoke from live ammunition still lingering in the air, and pockets of people continuing to hurl stones and rocks at each other, Abbasiya yesterday looked like a war zone. Unofficial reports say up to 20 people were killed in clashes in front of the nearby Defence Ministry. The fighting that turned deadly leaves a turbulent Egypt with many questions unanswered..

The romance of newsprint
By Rania Khallaf


Revolution and reform
While reformists under ousted Arab regimes failed, so too did Arab Spring revolutionaries, outmanoeuvred by groups with only a tenuous grasp on today's world, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
A president, but not for all
When religious groups field candidates for the presidency they cannot pretend that their aim is to furnish Egypt with a head of state that represents all Egyptians, writes Azmi Ashour
A battered Romney wins
While Mitt Romney fails to move the conservative base in America, polls suggest that an Obama-Romney contest would be as close as any in recent memory, writes James Zogby
Israel plots an endgame
The ongoing illegal settlements bonanza shows that Israel has reverted to its ambitious plans of 1967 to completely colonise all of Palestine, says Ramzy Baroud
Methodist churches must unite
American Methodists must be fearless about divestment, advises Stuart Littlewood
The Ghost of Osama bin Laden
Ralph Nader imagines a conversation between the Ghost of Osama bin Laden and President Barack Obama
The West's greatest fear
Western attempts to destroy Syria have not been going to plan, revealing that what the West fears most is a peaceful resolution to the crisis, writes Dan Glazebrook
Salama A Salama:
Losing faith

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