Al-Ahram Weekly Online   3 - 9 May 2012
Issue No. 1096
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Behind the ploy

Sir-- I lived in both countries for a few years and I don't know of any two countries in the world closer to each other than Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Look for Iranian hands and you will find the ones who created this spat. I will bet that either Iran or Syria is behind this little ploy.

Ahmed Mohandes

Clueless protesters

Sir-- If Muslims can't even get along with each other, how will they ever be peaceful with the rest of the world? The problem with Egyptian demonstrators is that they are easily led without a clue what or where is the truth.

Philip Frye

No gas, no pay

Sir-- Egypt failed to supply Israel with gas for four straight months. Over 50 bombings on gas pipelines (built by Israeli company AMPAL) have been destroyed or attacked, severally disrupting the flow of gas. This is why Israel stopped paying. Does one pay his cable bill if he does not receive cable?

Robert Jordahl
New York

Thought it was extra

Sir-- I was intrigued by the announcements that gas intended for Israel will now be used in Egyptian electricity plants. I had assumed that exported gas was above and beyond the needs of internal Egypt. Does this mean that the explosions affected gas for North Sinai and perhaps to Egypt proper? Does it mean that Egyptian planning was insufficient for domestic use and that the need for gas to Israel was now needed for Egypt itself? The terms, price, and conditions now offered by Egypt are probably well beyond Israel which has substituted other suppliers and is probably happy that it will be unencumbered by a long-term Egyptian contract.

Sam Ghorab
New Jersey

Somewhere else

Sir-- I think that Israel knew this action was coming. In recent months they have opened up natural gas exploration in the Mediterranean with Cyprus. If they hit oil or natural gas that will hurt Egypt and free them from any reliance on other countries. Israel will buy gas from someone else or use the enormous gas find they just found offshore.

Joan Lyons

Look in the mirror

Sir-- Israel needs to own up to the fact that it has acted arrogantly, selfishly, and illegally in the international stage. For peace to occur, Israel needs to stop acting like it is above international laws. It needs to act in ways that the world can view it as a country seeking peace, not as a country seeking more lands that belong to its neighbours. Perhaps if Israel ends its apartheid regime in the occupied territories, relations with Egypt might improve. Apartheid in an occupied land is never going to work in the long term.

Farida Farag

Aiding the criminal

Sir-- Re 'Skinning the Palestinian cat' (Al-Ahram Weekly 5-11 April) Israel is an illegitimate entity as it is an unremedied crime scene -- alienation, theft of Palestinian land/property by murdering, genocidal terrorism. All those across the world who do not act to bring Zionist criminals to justice are accessories to vicious Zionist crimes, like the airlines currently banning "Flytilla" activists from boarding planes.

Phil Kendall
Czech Republic

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