Al-Ahram Weekly Online   7 - 13 June 2012
Issue No. 1101
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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For show

Sir-- A life sentence to an ailing 84-year-old is pretty light; nothing but a symbolic act. Still, Mubarak should have left the country when he had the chance.

Hanan Salem

Worst to come

Sir-- Mubarak's successors are most likely worse than he is. There are no saints waiting to take his place. Most of the world's countries are run by corrupt leaders.

Adel Hatem

What America produced

Sir-- There is no way that this Egyptian revolution is going to work out in a way that is good for the US. Yet it is a bed we ourselves have made. Like our support for the truly tyrannical shah in Iran for all those years prior to their revolution in 1979, all in the name of preventing an Islamic fundamentalist regime, we supported Mubarak for 30 years just to keep the Islamists out of power. Yet we found ourselves supporting a tyrant we could deal with vs tyrants we probably couldn't deal with -- all in the name of what our policy-makers thought was good for America, the actual everyday Egyptian be damned. I don't like the prospects of a government of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge, but until the actual Egyptians get a chance to sort out their politics themselves, that's probably the best that's going to happen. And why would the Egyptian people elect a pro-American government when the last pro-American government, under Mubarak, was so bad for them? We cannot claim to be the beacon for democracy and the will of the people if we then deny it to the citizens of other countries based on our own geopolitical ends.

Christopher Daley

People's reward

Sir-- The man gave up power to the people with not much of a fight. He gave the people what they wanted and the reward he gets is a life sentence and which could have been execution. No wonder the Syrian leader hasn't given up power. He just looks at what happened to Mubarak and says no thanks.

Gerald Brady

Just as bad

Sir-- Our people scoff at the Egyptian people but are completely oblivious to our own corrupt government and the few who rule over us. We have some politicians in Washington who deserve prison time for stealing the American dream from the hard working people of today. Some people have had their lives on hold while Washington steals and adds taxes for the money they stole. Every country in the world is run and dominated by crooked, corrupt people, including our own. The ruling elite in Washington is dominated by Wall Street, big banks, big oil, the military-industrial complex, insurance companies, finance companies, educational institutions and everyone along the way who get paid big and are still subsidised and who buy and sell our government at their whim. Democrats and Republicans keep Americans divided so that they can continue to remain in power. We are only steps away from being the next Egypt, so take a look at home before you ridicule others in chaos and strife.

Nancy Barton

Either way

Sir-- This is a no-win situation for the Egyptians. If the Brotherhood wins there will be Sharia law and much bloodshed. If a non- Brotherhood candidate wins, there still will be violence. Egypt does not know what darkness is. Wait till one of the two parties takes control.

Pam Vesota

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