Al-Ahram Weekly Online   12 - 18 July 2012
Issue No. 1106
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Destination Riyadh
President Mohamed Mursi's first foreign trip is to Saudi Arabia, Dina Ezzat reports
Al-Azhar stands up to Salafis
The wording of 1971 constitution's Article 2 on Islamic Sharia will be retained, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Playing to form?
It took 10 days for President Mohamed Mursi to issue his first bombshell decree, reports Amani Maged
Clinton in Cairo
Hillary Clinton will visit Egypt against a backdrop of ambiguity over the US role in President Mohamed Mursi's decision to reinstate the dissolved People Assembly, reports Ezzat Ibrahim from Washington
Patience in the ranks
When Mursi decided to reinstate the parliament which SCAF dissolved, the generals remained calm. Was a deal struck beforehand, asks Amirah Ibrahim
Turned down
The court's ruling to overturn the president's decision to reinstate the dissolved parliament sparked heated debate, reports Khaled Dawoud
Too many complaints
Hundreds of petitioners have stormed complaint offices set up on the instructions of newly elected President Mohamed Mursi, reports Reem Leila
One more committee
Is last week's presidential decree re-opening investigations into the killing of protesters a PR exercise or an attempt to uncover the truth? Mohamed Abdel-Baky investigates
Conflicting accounts
What happened last week at Nasr City police station? Lawyers say one thing, the police another. Will we ever find out who is lying, wonders Mona El-Nahhas
Professors receive presidential promises
University professors are happy with the results of their meeting with President Mohamed Mursi
Same old story
In seeking to impose its choice of editors-in-chief on national newspapers the Muslim Brotherhood is replicating the tactics of the once all powerful NDP, writes Reem Leila
Public fears over 'morality crimes'
The murder of a Suez student and reports of the harassment of unveiled women have triggered a public scare and heated debate about the perpetrators, reports Gihan Shahine
Not in the spirit of Christ?
A Christian Brotherhood which claims to adopt the organisational precepts of its Muslim counterpart has been launched. Nader Habib weighs up the pros and cons

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