Al-Ahram Weekly Online   12 - 18 July 2012
Issue No. 1106
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Tyranny of the zealots
The rise of vigilante violence in Egypt is a worrying sign as President Mursi makes rash unilateral moves, writes Ayman El-Amir
Professional demands
Perhaps the gravest challenge President Mursi faces is how to satisfy so many disgruntled workers, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
The myth of military rule
Hysterics about the country languishing under military dictatorship are overblown and unhelpful, writes Galal Nassar
A better future for the Arab world
A solidarity pact between Egypt, Libya and Tunisia could help all three countries jump-start their economies, writes Mohammad Tarbush
Mursi's dangerous move
In reinstating the People's Assembly judged unconstitutional by the highest legal authority in the land, President Mursi has imperilled one of the foundations of the new republic Egyptians want, writes Mohamed Mustafa Orfy
Egypt's troika
Newly elected President Mohamed Mursi's decision to recall parliament has revealed worrying links between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party and the presidency, writes Ahmed El-Tonsi
Re-examining the niqab
Aside from rank hypocrisy, the recent scandal of a Salafi MP engaging in public indecency brings to light worrying questions about the use of the full face veil, writes Azmi Ashour
Time to talk Camp David
It is not the rise of political Islam in Egypt that suggests a coming conflict with Israel, but rather the desire of Egyptians to embrace their dignity and to decide their own futures, writes Ramzy Baroud
Future scenarios for the Arab uprisings
While there are four possible scenarios for the future of the Arab uprisings, the most likely is for a process of limited change and the formation of unstable democratic regimes, writes Mohsen Saleh
Egypt's possible political systems
Islamist caliphate, modern civic state or somewhere in-between? Yusry El-Azabawi examines three scenarios at the centre of Egypt's political drama and what they herald at home and abroad

Talking to Egypt, thinking of Iran

Close up:
The middle road
By Salama A Salama

Will the army help or hinder the president?
By Abdallah El-Ashaal

This week:
Gamal and Alaa Mubarak

Cartoon by Gomaa

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