Al-Ahram Weekly Online   12 - 18 July 2012
Issue No. 1106
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Effective efections?
A number of important defections are taking place from the Syrian military, indicating that the regime could be crumbling, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Deluged with documents
For the second time since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, leaked e-mails are offering a glimpse inside the Syrian regime
Wading among the rapids
Kofi Annan is again trying to drum up support for his peace plan. It's a lonely sojourn, writes Graham Usher at the United Nations
The Syrian cauldron
While the Western powers have their own reasons for wanting to bring down the Syrian regime, Turkey's agenda is far less clear, writes Jeremy Salt in Ankara
No policy shift?
Iraq's balancing act on the Syrian crisis seems more confused than confusing, writes Salah Nasrawi
War of lies and apathy
Washington may have overcome the "Vietnam Syndrome" in its war on Iraq, but US peace movements are left to deal with the American public's indifference to human suffering caused by wars, writes Kathy Kelly
Libya's liberal leap
General elections in Libya were hailed as a landmark, a leap forward, and preliminary results claim that militant Islamists were elbowed out by liberals, notes Gamal Nkrumah
Is the end nigh for Al-Bashir?
Writers and intellectuals in Sudan are speaking out, saying that none of the country's deep problems can be solved if Al-Bashir and his regime remain in power, writes Asmaa El-Husseini
The Arafat forensic file reopened
While the Palestinian Authority has dodged many bullets on its dubious relation with Israel, it may not be able to dodge the charge that Israel assassinated Yasser Arafat, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Pulling Lebanon back from the brink
While Lebanon's politicians continue to thrive on the old colonial sect system, most of the people simply identify as Lebanese. It is time the former followed the latter, writes James Zogby
Hormuz alarm bells
Iran's supreme guide believes that making a nuclear bomb is a simulation of the North Korean model, and a safety measure for his regime in the coming quarter of a century, reports Ahmed Eleiba
The hand that spurs
The US sanctions against Iran are harming vulnerable sections of the country's population and are designed to serve Israeli interests in the region, writes Ismail Salami in Tehran

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