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A nearly-new face
President Mohamed Mursi's appointment of the little-known irrigation minister Hisham Qandil as prime minister has polarised political forces yet again, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Let the party begin
The 2012 London Olympics countdown ends tomorrow as Egypt's quest for medals starts, Inas Mazhar reports
Revisionist histories
President Mohamed Mursi refused to deliver the usual accolades on the 60th anniversary of the 23 July Revolution, writes Reem Leila
Clean country
Mursi calls on citizens to pick up garbage
Dogma rules
Islamists on the Constituent Assembly are steamrolling through constitutional drafts that will turn Egypt into a non-civil state, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Power to the people?
Power cuts have been igniting demonstrations across the country, reports Reem Leila
Loyal to the end
Dina Ezzat reports on the mixed reaction to news of the death of Omar Suleiman
Endangered past
The Istabl Antar archaeological site, rich in diverse Islamic monuments and remains, could vanish because of a mafia, Nevine El-Aref reports
To strike or not to strike
Late pay and better working conditions are at the heart of tens of strikes that have gripped the country, writes Niveen Wahish
Israel blames Iran for Bulgaria bombing
Israel points the finger at Tehran for last week's bombing in Burgas, though the Bulgarian government decries the claim
Does the US want Abbas out?
Fatah leaders warn of a plot thickening against Mahmoud Abbas, aiming to replace him with compliant pro-US premier Salam Fayyad, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Syria at the tipping point?
Recent developments have favoured the revolution in Syria even as the regime has escalated its ferocity and violence, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
The clock ticks
As the pressure builds on the Syrian regime, is time running out for President Bashar Al-Assad or for Syria itself, asks Dina Ezzat
Escaping the unknown
Violent street battles have now reached the Syrian capital Damascus, with tens of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Filmmakers under the thumb
In Syria, the Culture Ministry dismisses top filmmakers from government posts because of their political views, writes Bassel Oudat from Damascus
Ankara holds its breath
The recent visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russia has done little to bridge the gulf between the two countries on the handling of the Syrian crisis, writes Sayed Abdel-Maguid in Ankara
Tripoli's testing questions
Is a Libyan coalition of dogma and pragmatism possible? Well, as long as women are well represented, asserts Gamal Nkrumah
Business as usual
At the Creativity Centre, Nehad Selaiha finds solace but feels a pang
Whirling through time
Grand plans are in the works for the fifth round of the International Samaa' Festival for Spiritual Music and Chanting next week. Nevine El-Aref attended the press conference
Collegiate talents
Ati Metwaly celebrates youth
Wahawy ya wahawy
What has happened to the old traditions that once distinguished Ramadan, asks Salonaz Sami
High five
Many questions loom regarding the president's first days, reports Ameera Fouad
Presidential metre
Nada Barakat reviews the newest trend -- assessment pages on the net
Second largest ever
Before he flew to London the vice president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee was interviewed by Ghada Abdel-Kader on the country's bigger than average athletic delegation
The London forecast
With only one day to go before the opening ceremony of the 27th edition of the Summer Olympic Games, Ghada Abdel-Kader and Ahmed Morsy highlight the preparations, hopes and aspirations of Egypt's competing athletes

Members of the Free Syrian Army stand near weapons they say were gained from forces loyal to Bashar Al-Assad, in Aleppo yesterday. The opposition fears Al-Assad may become more ferocious as he loses his grip on the country, forcing him to resort to chemical weapons which the regime has admitted it possesses...


Migrations to the north
By David Tresilian


Final scene in Syria
Learning from the region's other violent uprisings, it is perhaps time for the Arab League to step into the Syrian drama, with armed forces if need be, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Reforming state-owned media
Awatef Abdel-Rahman offers practical suggestions on how to turn around the ignominious legacy of Egypt's government media
Beyond Bachmann
Sensationalist Islamophobe Michelle Bachmann has been rebuked, and not before time, but this alone is not enough, writes James Zogby
Will Egypt attain real democracy?
The path to real democracy is respect for law, and this starts from the top, writes Ahmad Naguib Roushdy
Power and possibility
As the global quest for power continues, pushing and pulling events, there may be emerging a new entity on the global stage: the revolutionary Arab nation, writes Mohsen Zahran
Government by law or ideology?
The Muslim Brotherhood faces a number of tests of its commitment to democracy and rule of law. Will it pass and prosper, or fail and fade, asks Azmi Ashour

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