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Cabinet announced
The new cabinet is expected to be sworn in today, Amani Maged reports
Something wrong with the wires
Youssef Rakha considers revolution and Ramadan
A dream come true
The Haniyeh-Mursi meeting in Cairo, though low-key and without serious objectives, is confirmation of a new era in Arab politics, writes Khaled Amayreh in the occupied Palestinian territories
The plot thickens
Dubai's chief of police has launched another attack on the Muslim Brotherhood, though with little obvious public reaction, writes Doaa El-Bey
Heart of the matter
The constitutional status of the military has yet to be decided, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Islamists and Arab constitutions
While many had hoped that the drafting of new constitutions in post-Arab Spring countries would reinforce a new consensus, Islamists are sowing more discord than harmony, writes Khalil El-Anani
Printed names
Despite opposition the Shura Council is set to announce the new editors-in-chief of state-owned newspapers on Sunday
Pick it up, switch it off
Voluntary campaigns may raise awareness over electricity consumption and rubbish collection but they cannot replace the role of the state, writes Reem Leila
Officer reshuffle
Changes in the police ranks have been made following alleged interference by the Muslim Brotherhood in the process, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky
A trail of broken promises
The National Front for the Completion of the Revolution's demands that President Mohamed Mursi keep his pre-election pledges have fallen on deaf ears, reports Mona El-Nahhas
When darkness prevails
Recurrent power cuts that gripped Egypt this month have crippled production in various sectors, Nesma Nowar reports
Intra-regional remittances: Our tooth fairy
Florence Eid presents an overview on how remittances to Egypt and the MENA region will fare over the coming year
Romney pledges loyalty to Israel
In an ignominious display, Obama and Romney are falling over themselves to pander to Israel more than the other, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem
A difficult fast
Ramadan can be a trying month for Muslims, but it is especially so in Gaza, amid the Israeli siege, the threat of the occupation army, and constant power cuts, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Collapse of the troika?
A succession of resignations and growing social unrest may be threatening Tunisia's coalition government, writes Lassaad ben Ahmed in Tunis
A matter of time
The nearer Bashar Al-Assad's regime gets to its end the more dangerous Syria becomes, writes Graham Usher at the United Nations
Battle for Aleppo
A fierce battle is raging between the Syrian regime and opposition for control of the country's second-largest city, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Discomfort in Ankara
Amid reports of US activity in southeastern Anatolia and discontent among Turkey's Kurds, the government in Ankara has been fighting to keep up with events, writes Sayed Abdel-Maguid in Ankara
Violence on the rise in Sanaa
As security declines in the capital, Al-Qaeda is reasserting its presence in Yemen's rural areas, writes Nasser Arrabyee
Towards Kurdish secession?
As the political crisis in Iraq deepens, Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdish region have been flexing their military muscles, writes Salah Nasrawi
Somalia's next step
The staging of a meeting of tribal elders and politicians to draft a new constitution and elect a National Constituent Assembly is a significant moment in the life of Somalis, contends Gamal Nkrumah
Myanmar Muslims' melancholy
Disunited in distrust, rivalries over meagre resources are pitting Muslim minorities in South and Southeast Asia against their non-Muslim compatriots. Religious confrontations are metamorphosing into catastrophes such as the massacre of Assam's and Myanmar's Muslims, laments Gamal Nkrumah
Please, God, give us books to read
By Mohab Nasr (Translation by Youssef Rakha )
Ramadan notes
Ati Metwaly enjoys a rare Ramadan treat
The perfect storm
Fi Ain Al-Asifa (In the Eye of the Storm), Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing, 2012. Reviewed by Soha Hesham
The letters of Ramadan
The second Faisal Book Fair and Al-Mahrousa Nights at Al-Sayeda Zeinab public garden are two Ministry of Culture activities that celebrate Ramadan this year. Nevine El-Aref reports
Ramadan kitchen
Ramadan is a time for giving and charitable causes, but one organisation is looking at practical ways of extending the Ramadan spirit throughout the year, finds Mai Samih
The hard way
Egypt's Olympic football team did not make things easy for itself, reports Ahmed Morsy

EGYPT collected its first medal at the London 2012 Olympics, reports Ghada Abdel-Kader. Alaaeddin Abul-Kassem made history on Tuesday night, winning for Egypt a silver medal in fencing. Abul-Kassem thus became the first Egyptian to win a medal in fencing and the only African to ever reach an Olympic final in the sport.


Trash control
By Mahmoud Bakr
The Fourth Serial
By Hani Mustafa


Sails set for eternity
By Nevine El-Aref


The Arabs in transition
Finally the Arabs are responding to global winds of change. Not all, but all will in time, writes Ayman El-Amir
A 1952 replay?
Will the honeymoon between Washington and Egypt's new Islamist leaders end in bitter recrimination, as did US-Egypt relations following the 1952 Revolution, asks El-Sayed Amin Shalabi
Wither the Arab order?
Will the chaos of the Arab Spring give way to a new order, or lead to protracted anarchy, asks Abdel-Moneim Said
Romney's narrow worldview
Despite some failures of the Obama administration, Mitt Romney's full-blown return to Bush administration policies threatens disaster for America, writes James Zogby

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