Al-Ahram Weekly Online   30 August - 5 September 2012
Issue No. 1112
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A new terror map
How could one terrorist attack pack enough power not only to shake the foundations of the status quo in Sinai but send tremors that have shaken Egypt and Gaza, plus Egypt's sensitive, if relatively stable, relationship with Israel? Samir Ghattas explains
The crisis as seen from Sinai
Government efforts at restoring security in Sinai are proceeding along three tracks, none of them without pitfalls, writes Ahmed Eleiba
Constitutional challenges ahead
The 100-member assembly in charge of drafting Egypt's new constitution has completed much of its job, but thorny issues remain, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
Victims of the tap
Hundreds of people have been poisoned by contaminated water in the Sansaft village in the Menoufiya governorate, writes Mohamed Abdel-Baky
A blow for press freedom
The case of journalist Islam Afifi has raised concerns about what can be published in Egypt, reports Mona El-Nahhas
China or bust
Egyptian-Chinese economic and trade relations have so far performed well below their potential, Niveen Wahish reports, as the president's visit to China hopes to change that
They have the president's ear
After almost two months of searching, the names of the presidential team are out, reports Reem Leila
What happened to the money?
A judicial commission was formed this week to investigate money smuggled out of Egypt by cronies of the former Mubarak regime, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
Hide and seek
Markets, it is said, are to open for street vendors. Nesmahar Sayed talks to both supporters and opponents of the project while Sherif Sonbol captures the sights
Doomed from the start
Despite the hype over the 24 August anti-Brotherhood demonstration, several experts and political analysts predicted its failure, Reem Leila reports
Dreams under the sea
Poor economic conditions and the absence of proper regulations are the main reasons behind illegal emigration of Egyptians and some deadly incidents as a result. Doaa El-Bey looks at the most recent tragedy
Homecoming of a nobleman
Two pieces of an ancient Egyptian anthropoid coffin lid recuperated from Israel will soon arrive back in Egypt, Nevine El-Aref reports
Attacks on the sick
Assaults on state-owned hospitals have become disturbingly frequent. Ahmed Morsy asks if such lack of security is the only reason

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