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Issue No. 1112
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

When in Romeāê¦

Sir-- Anders Behring Breivik has brought up an important issue: Muslims never seem to want to live under Islamic laws in the countries they come from, but want to impose it on the rest of us when they migrate to Western countries. The issue in Europe is the fact that Muslims who emigrate from the Middle East, who refuse to blend properly into the society and culture they have moved into, stir much of Islamophobia. For example, in Britain radical young Muslims who preach anti-Western hatred, and who run off to fight for Jihad against the West are on the Dole living in the West. Immigrants no longer even attempt to assimilate into the culture of their new nation. They aren't trying to be a part of the society but are trying to take it over from within. Islam is moving right into Europe. Islam does not want to become European; Islam wants to make Europe part of Islam.

Paul Harris



Before deciding

Sir-- Give Mursi enough time before you judge him. This rally was obviously against the Brotherhood regardless of anything else. The man just got into office; give him some time before you judge him and rally against him. This hate and insensitivity are clear in the posters being carried of Gamal Abdel-Nasser, the man who put thousands of MB members in jails and executed dozens of their leaders.

Ahmed Maher



Danger of reprisals

Sir-- I wonder if the much smaller turnout wasn't more so because of the fear of harsh retribution. If you can't get rid of the Brotherhood through normal means now that they are in power, you are going to have to get them out by force. And it looks like in that regard they were way ahead of us and vowed to retaliate.

Sarah Ahmed



The real them

Sir-- Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is showing its true colours ('President consolidates power' Al-Ahram Weekly, 16-22 August). Now that they have been elected, that will be the last election. Not much different from communism except for the religion part. Any dissent is met with violence and intimidation. Egyptians should have known that the Brotherhood is not democracy, yet they were too naive and voted for Mursi. Now they are seeing how quickly the Brotherhood is amassing power for itself, and has already cracked down on the media.

Pia Nolan

New York


Iranian replay

Sir-- Another former ally becomes Islamist, all thanks to Obama. How can Obama and Hillary still be talking about continuing substantial US aid to Brotherhood-ruled Egypt? Egypt is a replay of the Iranian revolution. Hitler did the same thing when he solidified his power.

Luis Anton



Comfort in Israel

Sir-- So far, Mursi is cooperating with Israel. As long as that cooperation continues, we need to back him in keeping peace with Israel. Many people didn't like the rule of Mubarak and the Egyptian military. But they did keep the promise they made to Sadat and the world that there would be peace between the two nations. Those promises saved thousands of lives on both sides of the border. As long as this continues, we should abide by their decisions. Only if Egypt attempts to become another Iran should we withdraw our support in keeping peace.

Fawzi Gilbaya

New Jersey


Same in the end

Sir-- Revolutions may begin with dissatisfaction or dissent with one group of administrators, one part of the executives or one portion of the administrative machinery. It does not hope to do away entirely with the administration. Therefore, little groups result in a revolutionary form of government, but when all is said and done, the state remains all powerful. The course of revolutions, modern and ancient, run the same way: they all succeed in reinforcing the power of the state.

Kent Vogel



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