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Issue No. 1112
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The Egyptian condition
While Egypt faces numerous interconnected challenges following the landmark 25 January Revolution, with effective planning and mobilisation, the nation can rise again to former glories, writes Mohsen Zahran
The new quartet
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran have both a meeting of interests in Syria, and the chance to mediate that conflict for the better, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Why still invisible?
Despite efforts to raise the alarm by human rights organisations, Palestinian hunger strikers are being ignored by the international community, writes Richard Falk
The crisis of capitalism
Western capitalism is in crisis, and it is time we woke up to the fact, argues William A. Cook
The missing option on Iran
The US should give priority to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process as a way towards solving the crisis with Iran, writes Nicola Nasser
Brahimi: a man for all crises 000
Veteran diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi has mediated many challenging conflicts in the past, but in trying to find a solution to the Syrian crisis he is taking on a mammoth task, writes Ayman El-Amir
Islamist economic strategies and policies
Do the Islamists who rose to power on the back of the Arab Spring have any novel economic ideas, asks Khalil Al-Anani
NAM is still relevant, if it wants to be
The Non-Aligned Movement could be again a force, if its member countries see how much they have in common, writes Mahmoud Murad
Westminster eyes the Arab Spring
The British policy towards the Arab Spring has been entirely consistent, contends Dan Glazebrook

A question of legitimacy

Close up:
Water emergency
By Salama A Salama

Freedom and the marketplace of ideas
By Azza Heikal

This week:
Neil Armstrong

Cartoon by Gomaa

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