Al-Ahram Weekly Online   30 August - 5 September 2012
Issue No. 1112
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Blackmailing the PA into submission
With the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process going nowhere, mainly due to Israeli intransigence and American complicity, Israel is increasingly bullying the Palestinian Authority (PA) into doing its bidding, says Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
Waiting for Fadi
Though nothing links Palestinians in Gaza to the Rafah attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers, their subsequent treatment -- by Egypt in particular -- smacked of collective punishment, concludes Saleh Al-Naami
Hope and despair for Lebanon's Palestinians
The Eid Al-Fitr holiday has been bleak for Palestinians in Lebanon this year, but there are signs of hope, writes Franklin Lamb in Beirut
Arrigoni's murder trial in Gaza
On 4 September, the trial of those accused in the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni is due to conclude. Much more than justice for one great man is at stake, writes Ramzy Baroud
Terror in Turkey: who is to blame?
With Syria imploding on its borders, Turkey is increasingly worried about armed groups in the vicinity using force to press their demands, writes Sayed Abdel-Meguid in Ankara
Tripoli torn apart
Lebanon is being sucked into Syrian war. Graham Usher reports from Tripoli, the country's most lethal frontline
Instability rocks Lebanon
A series of kidnappings, killings and the threat of bombings have pushed Lebanon to the brink of total instability, writes Andrew Bossone in Beirut
Syrian diplomacy 'on verge of collapse'
Lamia Al-Hariri, the first female Syrian diplomat to defect, says that the Bashar Al-Assad regime has thrown away every opportunity to reach a diplomatic solution to the crisis
Damascus distroys its own heritage
With some historical sites being turned into military barracks and others being damaged and robbed, the alarm is being raised about the need to protect Syria's cultural sites
Mission impossible?
The veteran diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi has taken over management of the international response to the Syrian crisis, but will he be able to find a political resolution
Is the troika dead?
Tensions between the Al-Nahda Movement, the president, and the other parties in the governing coalition may lead to the end of the troika government, writes Lassaad ben Ahmed in Tunis
On the brink of chaos
When it comes to politics, Libya has been a model of success so far, but when it comes to the army and the police, the country is failing miserably, says Hassan Fathi Al-Qishawi
'Internet Blackout Day'
Jordan's controversial press law has triggered criticism, writes Khetam Malkawi
Cluelessness on Iraq
A top US general's comment about democracy in Iraq has exposed the US administration's disconnection from reality, writes Salah Nasrawi
An Israeli proxy war on Iran
Washington is using Israel in order to mount a proxy war against Iran, writes Ismail Salami in Tehran
Egypt passes NAM mantle to Iran
Two conferences this month showed that Washington's attempts to isolate Iran have failed, writes Eric Walberg

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