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Getting it together
Liberal and leftist political parties are reorganising their ranks to face what they see as a threat to the civil nature of the state by the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Khaled Dawoud
Mursi beyond Tehran
In the Iranian capital and in Cairo, Dina Ezzat deciphers President Mursi's Iran visit, its intentions and possible outcomes
President keeps the pressure on Damascus
The anti-Assad line expressed by Mursi in Tehran last week is reiterated at the Arab League in unequivocal terms, reports Dina Ezzat
Meet the new governors
Mohamed Abdel-Baky profiles the 10 officials whose names have been announced
Controversial new posts
Recent appointments by the Shura Council to the National Council of Human Rights and the state-owned newspapers have renewed concerns over the apparent Islamisation of the country, reports Reem Leila
Members of a collective mind?
Following the appointment of the new presidential team, Reem Leila sees how well-defined are the roles of the new president's advisors
Eagle set to soar
Ahmed Eleiba reports that Sinai's military mission has simply been revised
Brains behind the buttons
An alleged drug baron whose shady relationship with the former regime reportedly includes involvement in the orchestrated rioting and violence that accompanied the revolution is nabbed, Ramy Yassin reports
Dangerous to freedom
A ministerial decree to amend the current emergency law has been rejected outright, Mona El-Nahhas reports
Disputes plague the draft constitution
The 100-member constituent assembly has been moving by leaps and bounds to finalise Egypt's draft constitution, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
New era spawns more parties
Many new parties have been joining the political scene, but how effective are they likely to be, asks Mohamed Abdel-Baky
Stepping up the money hunt
Hopes are high that a newly-formed national commission will be able to recover money smuggled abroad by members of the former Mubarak regime, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
The writers' revolution
Egyptian intellectuals and leftists have been staging demonstrations to press for protecting rights and freedoms, Ahmed Morsy reports
Odd bedfellows
The United States and the Muslim Brotherhood are not as far apart as they can sometimes seem, writes Bassem Hassan
Approving depreciation
The pound is heading south and for the first time in years the Central Bank is not cushioning the fall, reports Nesma Nowar
Security in Sinai
A recent government decision that allows foreigners to invest in Sinai is moot without restoring stability in the strategic peninsula, writes Nesma Nowar
Spreading like wildfire
The Syrian crisis is spreading to other states in the region, threatening their stability, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
Saleh back to the fore
As intense Yemeni-US attacks on Al-Qaeda continue, former president Saleh appears to be regaining popular support, writes Nasser Arrabyee
Inside the bubble
According to a prominent Syrian media figure, President Bashar Al-Assad is living in a self-created bubble and is trying to export the crisis, writes Bassel Ouda
Turkey split over Syria
The civil war in Syria, and Turkey's involvement in it, may come to threaten the stability of the Erdogan government, writes Sayed Abdel-Meguid in Ankara
A different view on the Palestinian legislative elections
The Palestinian people should boycott a third set of Palestinian legislative elections and choose a democratic alternative instead, writes Haidar Eid from Gaza
Jewish refugees?
With astounding gall, Israel is now claiming that more Jews "fled" Arab countries than Palestinians fled Palestine, writes Saleh Al-Naami
PA vows to hold elections
Local elections are on the cards, but Hamas continues to protest that it has no freedom to campaign in the West Bank, reports Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
The Anne Frank and Rachel Corrie stories
US activist Rachel Corrie was brutally killed defending the rights of the Palestinians in Gaza. She would have been admired and defended by Anne Frank as a result of her universal call for justice in the face of war and terror, writes Jennifer Loewenstein
Squaring up on Syria
With Egypt stepping into the Syrian quagmire, Shia-Sunni rivalries are increasing as a result of the Syrian civil war, writes Salah Nasrawi
Government to go?
Jordan's incumbent government is leading the country into crisis, with neither the people nor parliamentarians satisfied with its performance, writes Khetam Malkawi
MPLA preponderates
Buttressed by its landslide victory, Angola's ruling party must act now with a new mandate to bolster confidence among the country's youth, contends Gamal Nkrumah
To the letter
Contemporary Egyptian artists are exploring the resources of Arabic calligraphy, among them Omar El-Nagdi, writes Mohamed Mursi
Block busted
The new Eid film releases offer nothing in particular, Soha Hesham finds out
A grim prophecy in festive robes
Nehad Selaiha watches the first fruit of a cooperation protocol between the State Theatre and Cultural Palaces organisations
A writer is not born but made: Mai Samih finds out if that's true
Anchor incognito
Opinions are divided over Maria TV, a new satellite television channel on which the all-female presenters are all fully veiled, writes Omneya Yousry
Uplifting in London
Egypt's Paralympians have six medals, including two gold, reports Abeer Anwar
Stage demonstration
Gehad Hussein listens to a voice of discontent

PEOPLE who want bread and have some money surge towards a public oven...


Justifying intervention
By David Tresilian
The Merchants of Venice
By Samir Farid
The elephant vanishes
By Venus Fouad


The youngest son
By Nevine El-Aref

Youth page:

Spider man
By Sarah Eissa


In Focus: Peace treaty must be revised
Insecurity in Sinai could engulf the whole country, already teetering following the revolution. Egypt must act, which means first untying its hands, writes Galal Nassar
Tehran timeline
While the location of Tehran may have added a historic dimension to this year's NAM summit, most everything else appeared as business as usual, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Political Islam versus modernity
The hard truth is that the clash between the value systems of political Islam and modernity is so total as to make them incompatible, writes Tarek Heggy
Diverse, but not yet pluralistic
The question of pluralism in Egypt is becoming more relevant with every passing day, writes Ayman Abdel-Wahab
Religion and foreign policy
When religion defines foreign policy it will inevitably clash with national interests, creating the grounds for wars that only elites who rule in the name of religion win, writes Gamil Matar

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