Al-Ahram Weekly Online   6 - 12 September 2012
Issue No. 1113
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Mursi beyond Tehran
In the Iranian capital and in Cairo, Dina Ezzat deciphers President Mursi's Iran visit, its intentions and possible outcomes
President keeps the pressure on Damascus
The anti-Assad line expressed by Mursi in Tehran last week is reiterated at the Arab League in unequivocal terms, reports Dina Ezzat
Meet the new governors
Mohamed Abdel-Baky profiles the 10 officials whose names have been announced
Controversial new posts
Recent appointments by the Shura Council to the National Council of Human Rights and the state-owned newspapers have renewed concerns over the apparent Islamisation of the country, reports Reem Leila
Members of a collective mind?
Following the appointment of the new presidential team, Reem Leila sees how well-defined are the roles of the new president's advisors
Eagle set to soar
Ahmed Eleiba reports that Sinai's military mission has simply been revised
Brains behind the buttons
An alleged drug baron whose shady relationship with the former regime reportedly includes involvement in the orchestrated rioting and violence that accompanied the revolution is nabbed, Ramy Yassin reports
Dangerous to freedom
A ministerial decree to amend the current emergency law has been rejected outright, Mona El-Nahhas reports
Disputes plague the draft constitution
The 100-member constituent assembly has been moving by leaps and bounds to finalise Egypt's draft constitution, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
New era spawns more parties
Many new parties have been joining the political scene, but how effective are they likely to be, asks Mohamed Abdel-Baky
Stepping up the money hunt
Hopes are high that a newly-formed national commission will be able to recover money smuggled abroad by members of the former Mubarak regime, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
In search of justice
Efforts to save Naglaa Wafa, an Egyptian wedding planner in Saudi Arabia, from harsh punishment are not succeeding, writes Doaa El-Bey
The writers' revolution
Egyptian intellectuals and leftists have been staging demonstrations to press for protecting rights and freedoms, Ahmed Morsy reports
Not a demon building
Young people in Alexandria have invaded one of the city's best-known haunted buildings, but not everyone is impressed, reports Ameera Fouad
Digging up the past
Nevine El-Aref reports on how a long-running conflict between the Ministry of State for Antiquities and the Ministry of Endowments has led to the devastation of a part of Egypt's heritage
Reformulating Egyptian-US relations
At the end of an intense four-year term as Egyptian ambassador in Washington, Sameh Shukri spoke to Ezzat Ibrahim about Egypt's relationship with the US, former president Mubarak and the 25 January Revolution
Odd bedfellows
The United States and the Muslim Brotherhood are not as far apart as they can sometimes seem, writes Bassem Hassan

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