Al-Ahram Weekly Online   6 - 12 September 2012
Issue No. 1113
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Region's No 1

Sir-- Mursi has just unofficially claimed the role of regional leader -- and he's only been in office for two months -- in the eyes of the world. It's something Ahmadinejad has wanted for the past seven years.

What a difference between the two men in perceived character, way of speaking, defining the narrative, and being open to solutions. Mursi just slapped Ahmadinejad in his own house and I believe he may have just catapulted his leadership around the Middle East to a much higher level. The true friends of Syria may have realised a new ally. I know Russia and China are most likely falling off their chairs at the moment.

Tony Dobson

Nobody's puppet

Sir-- Mursi continues to confuse and impress me. At first I was apprehensive that another religious zealot had been elected to a position of power and would use it to foster unrest and chaos. But so far he's gone after killers in the Sinai, and now has publicly snubbed Iran, and on its own soil too I don't think he's planning on being anybody's puppet, certainly not Iran's, and is actually trying to do a good job for all his people. Only time will tell but I am encouraged.

Sarah Minaam

Progressive Islamist

Sir-- I was surprised by Mursi. Who would have thought that somebody who is part of the Brotherhood would take sides with Israel against Iran and the West against Syria? Mursi impresses me more and more. He may be an Islamist president but he is being responsible as a leader.

Peter Mattingly

Egypt, not Syria

Sir-- There is valuable interest for Iran to get closer to Egypt than to support a dying regime in Syria. I will not be surprised if Iran starts to change her attitude towards protecting Al-Assad and work for national interest by entering good relations with Mursi. Syria's future is very ugly. There are many different opposition groups in Syria, unlike Libya. They are all die-hard. A clean transition for the Syria government may not be possible, and may get worse before it gets better.

Jawad Youssef
Saudi Arabia

Misplaced pride

Sir-- This is a first for women in Egypt? The first veiled female broadcaster? I can't believe what I'm reading. Not the first Egyptian female surgeon, not the first Egyptian female astronaut, not the first Egyptian Nobel Prize winner, not the first Egyptian Olympic winner. You must be so proud of the Brotherhood you elected. How wonderfully progressive. Now she is "free" to wear the veil. Soon, all women in Egypt will be "free" to wear a full burqa with eye slits. Now that's progressive. Why even go on TV? Why use electricity? Welcome to the sixth century Egypt. Enjoy it or vote them out.

Dave Johnson
New York

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