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A weight of contradiction
The Constituent Assembly attracts more hostile press as internal divisions dog its performance, writes Gamal Essam El-Din
Turkish delight
Sayed Abdel-Maguid was on hand to see President Mursi receive a rapturous welcome in Ankara
Breakaway town folks
After declaring their independence from Daqahliya governorate, residents of Al-Tahseen village have gone on hunger strike, Ahmed Morsy talked to the activists
'Living through a political contradiction'
In an exclusive interview with Al-Ahram Weekly, Bishop Morcos, chair of the Coptic Church's media committee and bishop of Shobra Al-Kheima, discusses Egypt's uncertain situation with Michael Adel
Shutting off the fund flow
Congressional members decide money to Egypt can wait, reports Ezzat Ibrahim from Washington
Quiet before the storm
Military experts tell Ahmed Eleiba that operations against extremists and criminal gangs in Sinai are continuing, though in a lower key
Coptic ordeals end
Displays of Coptic fears in Rafah this week touched on the otherwise unrelated issues of Egypt's Christian community and Sinai, reports Dina Ezzat
A victory celebrated
Celebrations of the victory in the October War this year will be somewhat different from usual, reports Amirah Ibrahim
'Out of the question'
Egypt is resolutely opposed to Arab military intervention in Syria, writes Doaa El-Bey
Supporting cotton
A recent official decision to provide financial support to buyers of locally produced cotton might help in marketing the crop this season, Mona Al-Fiqi reports
Protect Egypt's steel
The industry is anxious about a low-priced Chinese shipment on its way to Egypt, reports Ahmed Kotb
The PA's desperate UN feat
In New York, Mahmoud Abbas renewed the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition. Whether anything will come of it remains to be seen, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Ramallah
Partial deal in Sudan
A step towards peace or the calm before the storm, asks Asmaa Al-Husseini
Who will follow Meshaal?
Who will replace Khaled Meshaal as head of Hamas appears to have instigated a behind-the-scenes tug-of-war within the movement, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Democratic doubts
Parliamentary elections are approaching in 2013, but Lebanese politicians are fighting over electoral laws, putting in question whether elections will be held at all, writes Andrew Bossone
Thirty years on
New challenges grip Palestinian camps in Lebanon, writes Franklin Lamb from Chatila Camp
An unwanted guest
The regime and its allies claim that Al-Qaeda has infiltrated Syria, but the opposition says the number of jihadists in the country remains negligible, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus
An economic heart attack
Syrian officials say the economy will have a "heart attack" by the end of year if a political solution to the crisis is not reached
Corruption at the top
Suspicions of corruption are growing as a result of a rash of recent jailbreaks in Iraq, writes Salah Nasrawi
Grumpy old Romney
Black and blue, red and wrong-footed, locked in a ridiculous clash over disconcerting semantics, neither Obama nor Romney will reshape Washington's foreign policy, grieves Gamal Nkrumah
Thus spoke Saleh Reda
Over the course of a long and distinguished career, Egyptian artist Saleh Reda has broken down the boundaries separating painting from sculpture, writes Nagwa El-Ashri
Despite ban, Treika's in
Though he's grounded by his club, the superstar is picked for the national team. At a press conference, manager Bob Bradley explained the selection and other decisions, Ahmed Hamdi reports
Children have sporting rights
Inas Mazhar attended a workshop which explains the terms under which a child should train and compete

A strike by microbus drivers on Tuesday left many Cairo streets in chaos. Drivers parked their vehicles and forced passengers to get out while drivers who refused to take part in the strike were assaulted by their comrades on strike...


Human rights and Egypt's future
Human rights are essential to all peoples, but also institutions, for without protected human rights, social instability reigns, writes Mona Makram-Ebeid
Western reporting from the Middle East
Echoes of colonialism often affect how foreign news agencies report on the region, from the misuse of stringers in the street to arrogant editors in the newsroom, writes Salah Nasrawi
Rumbles of discontent
While the Muslim Brotherhood attempts to monopolise the political sphere, popular dissent against Islamist rule is growing, shifting the ground beneath the regime's feet, writes Mohamed Hassan Khalil
Don't mention the Turkish model
Though initially lauded by the Arabs as a bastion of new Islamist wisdom, as the Arab Spring went bad, in Syria in particular, the failures of Turkish acumen were revealed, writes Gamil Matar
The Arab American vote: 2012
While Arab American support for President Obama has dropped, this hasn't translated to a swing to Mitt Romney, writes James Zogby
The trapped empire
The rise and fall of empires can span decades, if not longer. All indications remain that US decline is inexorable, not least because of its policy in the Arab region, writes Ramzy Baroud
Conspiracy theories and our view of others
Until a given society engages in frank introspection, progress is impossible. Nowhere is this truer than in Arab societies, writes Azmi Ashour
Constitution in the balance
Something as fundamental as a constitution for the country should be the subject of lively national debate, not the preserve of backroom deals and partisan politics, writes Ayman El-Amir
Salafist Spring
The rise of jihadist Salafism amid the Arab Spring is perhaps its most dangerous aspect, threatening the ideals that drove the popular uprisings themselves, writes Abdel-Moneim Said

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