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Issue No. 1118
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Morsi's promises for his first 100 days in office

President Mohamed Morsi spoke on the anniversary of the 6 October War against a backdrop of political bewilderment and economic anticipation, reports Dina Ezzat


- Reward and promote police officers according to performance.

- Link police promotions to public satisfaction with the performance of the security apparatus.

- Provide police officers with full insurance against job-related risks.

- Launch a media campaign to restore public confidence in the police.

- Detain outlaws and thugs and providing rehabilitation courses to help them become good citizens.

- Increase police presence on the streets.

- Form neighbourhood watch groups to aid police in preventing crime.

- An emergency hotline to report illegal practices.

- Link the number of police station to local population density.

- Install CCTV cameras in vulnerable areas

- Provide the police with helicopters to help maintain order and organise traffic flow.

- Upgrade facilities, including detention rooms, in police stations and courts.

- Appoint public relation officers at police stations to help the public.

- Recruit university graduates into the police force and provide them with a short, intensive course at the Police Academy.

- Reward citizens who report crimes and provide witness protection programmes.

- Equip police vehicles with computers linked to the Ministry of Interior's databases.


- Ban large trucks from city streets and ring roads between 6am and midnight.

- Ban smaller trucks between 7am and 9pm.

- Restrict road maintenance work to between midnight and 7am.

- Remove all street obstacles, including vendors.

- Designate parking areas for microbuses.

- Allow greater flexibility in working hours for public sector employees so they can avoid rush hours.

- Shift government services online so citizens can complete paperwork at home.

- Provide women-only buses during rush hour.

- Make taxi meters compulsory.

- Introduce traffic radio stations and information hotlines in cities to provide up to date information on congestion.

- Redesign major traffic intersections and provide them with traffic lights to improve traffic flow.

- Utilise empty plots for parking.

- Remove government offices from Cairo city centre.

- Introduce a fully automated system of traffic lights.

- Screen public information films, and use Fridays prayers, to promote good driving practice.

- Provide performance related bonuses for police officers.

- Link vehicle tax to the number of record traffic infringements.


- Increase the nutritional value of flour used in making bread.

- Separate production and distribution.

- Increase incentives provided to bakers.

- Consolidate bakeries into larger units with greater financial and logistical support.

- Increase the weight and quality of subsided loaves.

- Enforce penalties on bakeries which produce loaves of bread that do not meet government set standards.

- Enlist the help of civil society organisations in the distribution of bread.

- Reward the best bakeries with certificates of merit.

- Promote the use of natural gas in bakeries instead of butane.

- Reward and promote efficient government inspectors.


- Create a programme that rewards and promotes staff responsible for cleaning streets.

- Launch a national awareness campaigns through the media and mosques to encourage citizens to participate in neighbourhood clean-up campaigns.

- Designate sites for the disposal of construction waste and impose severe penalties on anyone violating dumping codes.

- Create a phone number for reporting building violations.

- Form neighbourhood committees to coordinate with the government and monitor environmental violations.

- Transfer garbage collection to NGOs.


- Place domestic deliveries of butane cylinders in the hands of local NGOs and local authorities.

- Assign inspectors to accompany trucks delivering fuel to gas stations.

- Seek the help of civil society organisations in monitoring the amount of fuel entering and leaving gas stations.

- Provide incentives and rewards for outstanding fuel stations.

- Impose harsh penalties against black-marketeers.

By Mohamed Abdel-Baky

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