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Issue No. 1118
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

Great jo

Sir-- Food, clothing, shelter and healthcare are easy. Freedom, justice and liberty are not but are just as necessary. Still, President Morsi has done an outstanding job and has already proven himself worthy by being dedicated, unselfish and caring. I am sure whatever decision he makes will be moderate and in the best interest of our beloved Egypt so I am confident whatever money he needs he will get. However goes Egypt, so goes planet Earth.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Egypt's solution

Sir-- The rising costs of living and the tough economic situation were reasons behind toppling the ousted president Hosni Mubarak and they are the things most Egyptians hope and expect that President Morsi will be able to turn around. Watch out for the evil right wingers who will always try to tear Morsi down. Morsi is not a terrorist minded man. He is Egypt's solution.

Loay Hijazi

Little substance

Sir-- You can't move a country forward in the 21st century if the ruling party wants to resort back to the seventh century ideology of rule. There is little substance in what Morsi says and no clear messages he wants to give except excuses for not delivering. Morsi only "fell short" on the goals he promised to his people (democracy, rule of law, etc). He did not fall short on the goals he promised to the Brotherhood, including the implementation of Sharia law.

Karim El-Alfi

Well done

Sir-- A world leader who accepts responsibility, takes blame and promises to do better? I wish the USA had a leader like that. Politicians all over the world make promises they know they can't keep but if he has made good on half of them he has done well.

When it comes to politics and running a country Morsi is a "newbie"... he doesn't even know what some of his duties are. However, he seems to be man enough to admit his shortcomings and stick to his agenda.

Carolyn Neil
New Jersey

Still standing

Sir-- Considering what he has to deal with daily, it's amazing he made it through the first 100 days. Morsi inherited a bankrupt government like Obama. The decades of corruption have to be eliminated and society needs to be cleaned up to reap the fruits of the coming labour.

Malak Darwish

One hundred weeks

Sir-- Morsi mustn't be blamed for he needs hundreds upon hundreds of weeks and not days to find his way out of the mess. He inherited a legacy of the corrupt former regime that can't be sorted out within days. A corrupt state machinery is exerting all efforts to disrupt the president's plans, and politicians with secular trends, though they have little popular support, are doing their best to assure Morsi's failure. But I assume that he will be able to leap over such hurdles.

Alia Abaza

Not so good

Sir-- I don't think the American people would say it was a good first 100 days. He let the America embassy get attacked. You want help from America at the cost of $450 million to help the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi is a US puppet just like the last one. The only difference is that this one has a beard and plays the religious card.

David Berg
New York

All the best

Sir-- As a citizen of a democracy (the United States of America), I wish to extend Egypt the best of luck with their experiment in democracy. Morsi suffers from the same problem as Obama. He inherited a mess. Neither Obama nor Bush could name one failure. American presidents have lessons to learn: be truthful with the people.

Cathy Ungar

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