NEW WAVE OF POLARISATION: Various political parties and movements are calling for a mass demonstration tomorrow called "Egypt is not a fiefdom, it's for all Egyptians" to demand social justice and a constitution that represents all Egyptians.The plan, as declared by activists, is to march from different districts in Cairo to Tahrir Square.Whether the planned demonstration will turn bloody is anybody's guess. Last Friday, demonstrations in Tahrir, the iconic site of the 25 January Revolution, were violent. The protests were initially called for by non-Islamist forces. Apart from calls to dissolve the Constituent Assembly which is drawing up the constitution, the demonstrators protested against what they say is President Mohamed Morsi's failure to deliver on his promises during his first 100 days in office. With members of the Muslim Brotherhood joining the event -- ostensibly in protest at the acquittal of figures being tried for the Battle of the Camel attack on protesters in February 2011 -- the demonstration quickly devolved into a stone and Molotov cocktail battle. In plain sight was the painful irony: the clash evoked the Battle of the Camel itself, with members and affiliates of the Brotherhood standing in for the thug militias of the Mubarak regime.