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Issue No. 1119
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Syria support

EGYPT reiterated its support for the mission of Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, during a meeting with Egypt Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr in Cairo on Tuesday.

Brahimi and Amr discussed the latest developments in Syria and the regional and international efforts to stop the bloodshed.

Amr emphasised that Cairo will take part in all efforts regarding Syria "because it believes in the importance of regaining peace and security and the importance of maintaining Syria's unity."

The ministry spokesman, Amr Rushdi, said the two officials agreed on keeping the channels of dialogue open regarding all new developments in Syria.

In order to reach a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis, Egypt took the initiative to form the Islamic Quartet launched by President Mohamed Morsi, and which includes Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Quartet held its first high-level meeting in Cairo last month and its second in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The second meeting aimed to find a way to support Brahimi. Saudi Arabia did not attend the second gathering.

Anchor released

MEDIA anchor Reem Maged was released on bail on Monday after being questioned by a judge on charges of insulting the judiciary and commenting on court rulings. Maged was accused of speaking inappropriately about judges on her show on the ONTV satellite channel.

Hundreds of judges have recently filed complaints against TV presenters, accusing them of insulting judges.

In a related development, the Nasr City misdemeanours court on Monday cleared Tawfik Okasha, owner of Faraeen TV channel on charges of insulting the president.

Battle at Giza

GIZA Square turned into a battlefield on Monday following clashes between security forces and street vendors. A campaign launched to clear the square from vendors and facilitate traffic left one vendor dead and 12 security personnel and five passersby injured. Two pistols were reportedly stolen by angry vendors who vowed to retaliate for the death. Top security officials ordered the arrest of 15 vendors accused of being responsible for the clashes.

Building falls

FOUR were killed and seven injured on Monday when a three-storey building in Alexandria collapsed. The incident happened when a contractor working on a nearby construction project used heavy digging equipment. The victims were asleep at the time. Civil rescue workers managed to save seven residents who were trapped under the rubble. The general prosecution is following up an investigation.

Crisis over

MEMBERS of the General Assembly which was held at the headquarters of the Salafist Nour Party on Thursday decided that party chairman Emad Abdel-Ghafour would remain in his post until the end of the parliamentary polls. Sayed Khalifa who was competing for the chair seat, would be appointed Abdel-Ghafour's deputy, the General Assembly recommended, ending a power struggle which recently erupted in the party's ranks. The General Assembly, which was attended by 374 members, representing 92 per cent of the total number of members, decided to postpone elections of the party's higher council until all complaints are settled. Elections of the new presidential council will also be delayed. The next general assembly will be held on 10 January.

Independence day

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of Tahseen village in Daqahliya governorate, Al-Saro village in Damietta governorate announced its separation from the state. Al-Saro's popular committee tasked with defending villagers' rights, started a sit-in in front of the city council to protest against contaminated drinking water, the sewage system and other poor services provided to them. A statement declaring their independence was sent to the presidential office.

Compiled by Mona El-Nahhas

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