Al-Ahram Weekly Online   18 - 24 October 2012
Issue No. 1119
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

On the defensive

Sir-- Why did the Brotherhood need to call out its members? Why could they not accept a peaceful protest of citizens who differ from them? If the faith in the Brotherhood is so firmly entrenched with the Egyptian public, they have nothing to fear, but by their actions, they have proven their fear and plan to enforce their will, accepted or not. This is not a true democracy if people are forced with violence into submission. President Morsi should condemn this action by the Brotherhood and be the president of all Egyptians, as elected.

Sherif Hassan

Hope from protests

Sir-- Islamists will ruin every country they inhabit unless the people decide to get rid of all of them once and for all. Egyptians made a huge mistake voting in the Islamists. However, these protests give hope. If there is another free and fair election, maybe they will go ahead and get rid of them. The Brotherhood will die democratically and the revolution will continue.

Sabrina Garrison

Plastic stones

Sir-- It appears Egyptians are not keen on the idea of going backwards thousands of years, but Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has sunk its hooks in and established a power that will be too strong to overturn, especially if those fighting for freedom look like those throwing the stones in Tahrir Square.

Koya Fernandez

Must copy Mandela

Sir-- Egyptians will soon regret that Mubarak is gone, when stability was normal and tourism, where many work, was flourishing. If Morsi does not emulate Nelson Mandela of South Africa, his name will be in history as the leader of the complete downfall of Egypt.

Jennifer Duskin

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