Al-Ahram Weekly Online   18 - 24 October 2012
Issue No. 1119
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We asked our friends on Facebook about their dreams:

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Maggie Galal: I dream of an Egypt where people don't judge one another. Live and let live.

Ahmed Al-Gohari: Humanity!

Nour Al-Gharib: I dream of happy people on the streets of Egypt.

Alia Saad: I dream of less talk, more action.

Marwa Mahmoud: Commitment, honesty, fairness, fear of Allah in our deeds.

Mazen Yassin: I have a lot of dreams, but they fall under one main subject: "make things better".

Amr Rashid: My dream is to have a dream.

Valentina Mazloumian: To be happy.

Farah Sedki: To achieve great creativity and make something of myself. I want to look back on my life with no regrets and be happy at the end of the day.

Alaa Mohamed: My dream is to live in a society where art and music are main subjects at schools.

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