Saturday,24 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1382, (22 - 28 February 2018)
Saturday,24 February, 2018
Issue 1382, (22 - 28 February 2018)

Ahram Weekly


The truth Intifada

The truth Intifada

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Nourhan Riad reflects on the 25th anniversary of the first Palestinian Intifada — a moment of uprising that also saw Israel’s self-serving propaganda unravel

What kind of help can Egypt offer Uganda, asks Khaled Al-Fiqi as he takes photos

A badge of rank and education, the wearing of the tarboush was widespread among

As the Committee of Fifty tasked to write the draft of the country’s new

Perhaps Egypt’s present problems can best be understood through snapshots

The Muslim Brotherhood’s history and fundamental doctrines point in the

Congratulations, school is finally out and university life is about to begin.

Public universities in Egypt offer a wide range of scholarships and several programmes

What does the market need from the university graduate to start his practical

Gehad Hussein gives a glimpse of “the other things” students can do in universities

School is out, and a whole new college life awaits you. Nada Barakat highlights

The Huleh wetlands, an outstanding haven of biodiversity in historic Palestine,

The June 1967 War lasted minutes for some, years for others. Thirty years later,

The government’s scheme to develop the Suez Canal has brought back memories

Egypt suffered a catastrophic defeat in the 1967 War with Israel, but its performance

When invading French forces arrived in Egypt in 1798, they spread terror among

The organisers of the Sixth International Symposium of Christianity and Monasticism

Two-hundred years ago Egypt was in a state of turbulent uncertainty, a situation

Determined to resist imperialist violence and counter-revolution, the late Venezuelan

Cartoons by Nagui have been appearing in Al-Ahram for the past three decades,

Protests have continued at various flashpoints over the two years since the 25

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