Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)

Ahram Weekly


Hani Mustafa gives an overview of the effect of the 1967 War on Egyptian cinema

Military might has been both the guiding principle and the practical policy of Zionist

As the African countries gained their independence from European colonial rule in

From independence in the middle decades of the last century to the growing influence

The rising sun of China in Africa may be causing the Western sun to set, writes Karim Mansour

One of the major conflicts structuring the African continent has been the rivalry

On the occasion of this year’s Africa Day, Assistant Foreign Minister for African

Al-Ahram Weekly talks to Benedict Okey Oramah, chairman of the board of the African

Al-Ahram Weekly talks to Benedict Okey Oramah, chairman of the board of the African

How does Egypt’s Overseas Radio Service address the African countries

Al-Ahram Weekly sheds light on the role Al-Azhar plays across the African continent

The Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has always played a major role in spreading Christianity

Egypt was the gateway through which filmmaking came to the African continent, and

Egypt’s balance of trade with Russia is massively in Russia’s favour, yet Russia

Desalinated seawater would not be economically viable for Egypt and would not solve

The battle against Islamic State in Iraq is a war no one can win, and there is another

Proposals to develop the Nile between the Great Lakes Region of Africa and the Mediterranean

Egypt must be clear about its rights and resist Ethiopian arguments regarding the

The Islamic State terrorist group has long been able to call upon significant numbers

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