Thursday,19 October, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1365, (19 - 25 October 2017)
Thursday,19 October, 2017
Issue 1365, (19 - 25 October 2017)

Ahram Weekly


قصة خروج الأفكار من السجون ووصول الأسلحة من الخارج واحتضان الجبال التنظيمات الإرهابية، مراجعة وعرض حنان حجاج


A new study offers an authoritative account of the Islamist terrorist groups in Sinai,

Qatar has been trying to buy influence in Washington through public relations and

The Gulf state of Qatar has acted as a launch pad to Europe for Muslim Brotherhood

Punitive measures are being taken by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain against

The expulsion of Doha from the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen could spur a

Weak trade between Cairo and Doha will limit repercussions from Egypt’s decision

Until now, on the Arab side, silence engulfs the catastrophic mistakes that led to

Many Egyptians remember the 5 June 1967 defeat as one of the worst times of their

In contravention of international law and UN Security Council resolutions, Israel

Karim Yehia Youssef reviews possible routes for holding Israel to account for war

The celebrated novelist Sonallah Ibrahim tells Rania Khallaf about his newly published novel

Hani Mustafa gives an overview of the effect of the 1967 War on Egyptian cinema

Military might has been both the guiding principle and the practical policy of Zionist

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