Tuesday,20 November, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1418, (15 - 21 November 2018)
Tuesday,20 November, 2018
Issue 1418, (15 - 21 November 2018)

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Adventures on the Nile

Adventures on the Nile

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Could the proposed Congo-Nile project, an attempt to join the Nile and Congo Rivers in South Sudan, be the answer to Egypt’s water crisis, asks Gamal Nkrumah

Egypt and Panama have ambitious plans for the future of the Suez and Panama canals,

Recent reports by international organisations warn that food insecurity in the

As the government phases out subsidies on fossil fuels, experts are weighing the

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s official trips to Saudi Arabia and Russia

Senior officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are said to be running Syria’s

The surge by Islamic State forces is forcing the region’s powers to better

The numbers of street children in Egypt have been growing since the 25 January

The looting of Egypt’s cultural heritage is reaching epidemic proportions

Gamal Nkrumah traces the history of the Sufi orders in Africa south of the Sahara

How far will India’s ruling Hindu nationalists be able to win the trust

Ibrahim El-Houdaiby explores how Egypt’s Sufi orders have developed over

Dozens of opposition publications have appeared since the beginning of the Syrian

What are the prospects for Egypt’s democratic transformation in the wake

For a young couple, finding a home can be a disheartening ordeal as a result of

Gihan Shahine examines the plight of Egyptians with special needs as they assert

A way must be found to bring suspected Syrian war criminals to trial if the country

The publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth

Many of Egypt’s problems can be traced back to its underfunded education

Though it started as a peaceful uprising against the regime, the Syrian conflict

The Syrian refugee problem may now be the worst the world has seen since the end

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