Saturday,23 September, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1361, (21 - 27 September 2017)
Saturday,23 September, 2017
Issue 1361, (21 - 27 September 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Whereas Arab Spring revolutionaries had hoped for constitutions that would allow for more democracy, Syria’s 2012 constitution has actually increased presidential powers, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

As the political situation in Egypt becomes increasingly polarised, Gihan Shahine

Syria is a land where different sects and creeds have lived in harmony for hundreds

While both are members of the Islamist trend, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis

Although US President Barack Obama’s rhetoric has lent him worldwide popularity,

Islamists want to use the constitution as a legal mandate to impose their rules

Safwat Abdel-Ghani, a member of the Shura Council of the Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya and

Despite the giant leaps that Egypt’s Salafis have made in terms of their

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