Saturday,16 December, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)
Saturday,16 December, 2017
Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Ahmed Hamada took third place in the Middle East finals of the Car Park Drift series hosted in Kuwait, his first international challenge. Mohamed Abdel-Razek reports

Mido’s tradition to seek attention made him dedicate hefty budgets for supercars

More than 70 of Egypt’s finest classic car collectors and their beautiful automobiles

Rally thrills heat the cold eastern desert in Sahl Hasheesh, the last round of Egypt’s

Small precious stones can be glamorous enough to cause wars among tribes and nations.

Searching for the needed confidence, retailers and consumers are indecisive regarding

Why you should try Al-Galala Road

Why buy a new car of rubbish quality when you can get a well-built one for half the price?

It wasn’t the ideal auto show but it was a necessity, reports Mohamed Abdel-Razek

A 30-minute briefing by a Porsche expert and a 15-minute test drive were more than

Mercedes-Benz is on its way back to Egypt with highly ranked support, reports Mohamed Abdel-Razek

Egyptians should start thinking of ways to make big money out of electric cars, reports

Dodi Al-Fayed, a serious contender as the future husband of Lady Diana before the

We might not ever know the truth behind the death of Princess Diana but on the 20th

More than 80 years ago, tailoring the silhouette of your own automobile was like

Buying a new car in Egypt? You might be interested in the following, writes Mohamed Abdel-Razek

Car models are no longer toys and the work put into some of them makes them as valuable

Back with a bang, Classics in Egypt introduces the rare BMW E30 Alpina B6 from Yehia

France is leading Europe towards a new era of electric vehicles, marking the end

Special and expensive, diecast model cars have been improving in parallel with manufacturing

Lewis Hamilton received a big honour in one of his best ever weekends in his Formula

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