Wednesday,20 September, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1358, (24 August - 6 September 2017)
Wednesday,20 September, 2017
Issue 1358, (24 August - 6 September 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Saudi Arabia is planning a mega tourist resort on the country’s Red Sea coast that could have a major impact on Egypt’s


Libya’s Haftar continues to cement his authority in Libya following a key visit to Russia, writes Kamel Abdallah


Qatar has been trying to politicise the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, imitating the historically irresponsible behaviour of Iran and


Qatar’s proxies in Washington

Qatar’s proxies in Washington

Qatar has been trying to buy influence in Washington through public relations and lobby groups since the beginning of the


Tarek ShawkiYemenIraqAshin WirathuYemen
Tarek ShawkiYemenIraqAshin WirathuYemen


With the Eid Al-Adha knocking on the door, Soha Hesham investigates how people are preparing for the feast this year


Nourhan Sherief and Marihan Saeed join a bicycle initiative targeting women in Port Said


Cairo will host what should be a thrilling final in the 2017 Men’s U-23 Volleyball World Championship, reports Abeer Anwar

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