Friday,20 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)
Friday,20 July, 2018
Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)

Ahram Weekly


American and Israeli news reports claim Tel Aviv has launched air strikes against the terrorist Islamic State in Sinai despite the repudiation of the Egyptian military, reports Ahmed Eleiba



Egypt’s score on the Open Budget Index significantly improved in 2017, but the country still suffers from weak public participation


While efforts are underway to push towards a national solution to the Yemen crisis, tensions and competing interests on the ground


The new academic year will see the implementation of a new vision of the education system in Egypt, writes Nehal Al-Ashkar


Football, politics and metaphor

Football, politics and metaphor

As the world continues to be fascinated by the football World Cup, what are the connections between football, politics and


IranNetanyahuWahid HamedJohn BoltonFrog And Scorpion
IranNetanyahuWahid HamedJohn BoltonFrog And Scorpion


Mai Samih finds out how a joint initiative between the government and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation will help reuse waste


Amira Elhamy investigates the impact of social media on today’s personal relationships


It was a fruitful first week for Egyptian sportswomen at the 2018 Arab Women Sports Tournament. Inas Mazhar reports from Sharjah

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