Saturday,21 October, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1132, 24 - 30 January 2013
Saturday,21 October, 2017
Issue 1132, 24 - 30 January 2013

Ahram Weekly


Observers of the Palestinian dialogue talks in Cairo express optimism that Fatah-Hamas reconciliation might finally be within reach,


Free school meals are important for boosting children’s nutrition and classroom focus, but the devil may be in the details, writes


Mastering the art of revolution

Mastering the art of revolution

Protests have continued at various flashpoints over the two years since the 25 January Revolution, suggesting that not


Audrey AzoulayBlack & WhiteUNESCOSyriaMohamed Salah
Audrey AzoulayBlack & WhiteUNESCOSyriaMohamed Salah


Images of Egypt’s Copts and Muslims acting together to overthrow tyranny are still engraved in the world’s consciousness,


Egyptian women from different social backgrounds shared their views on the wearing of the hijab, or headscarf, with Nehal Elmeligy


Wealthy clubs can bring and buy any footballer they want but that, reports Marwan Zayed, is not fair

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