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The not-so-zero problem

Turkey’s new bellicose posture may not work as well as it hopes, writes Salah Nasrawi

The not-so-zero problem

A message to all

Egypt is planning a huge bash at next week’s inaugural ceremony of the new Suez Canal. Nevine Khalil dives into the plan

A message to all

Threats to Egyptian-Saudi relations

Egyptian-Saudi relations could be adversely affected by the Sunni-Shia conflict spreading in the region, reports Doaa El-Bey

Threats to Egyptian-Saudi relations

A party turns to tragedy

At least 38 people were drowned in a ferryboat disaster on the Nile last week, with their families expressing their anger and grief at the tragedy, reports Ahmed Morsy

A party turns to tragedy

Al-Qaeda group in Sinai

The Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Murabitun has announced its presence in Sinai, writes Ahmed Elieba

Al-Qaeda group   in Sinai

How much Nile water?

Mona Sewilam talks to experts John Rao Nyaoro and Khaled Abu Zeid about the controversial Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement 

How much Nile water?

Nail biting between Hamas and Israel

Signs suggest that another prisoners exchange deal may be on the cards between Tel Aviv and Hamas, possibly linked to halting the siege, writes Ahmed Al-Sayed in Gaza

Nail biting between Hamas and Israel

Erdogan targets Kurds

Developments in Turkey have assumed alarming proportions amid the overlap between the government’s interventionist designs abroad and the setback it delivered to the Kurdish question, writes Sayed Abdel-Meguid in Ankara

Erdogan targets Kurds

GNC rejects Skhirat accord

Initialled by some but not signed, the UN sponsored fifth draft of an agreement on a political solution to the Libyan crisis may never see its implementation phase, writes Kamel Abdallah

EGYPT Little agreement on the GERD

Little agreement on the GERD

The seventh round meeting of the Renaissance Dam National Committee has ended with little agreement, reports Reem Leila

No boycott of the polls

Egypt’s political parties have said they will not boycott the upcoming parliamentary polls even if the election laws fall short of what they require, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

Brotherhood tries international pressure

Brotherhood tries international pressure

The Muslim Brotherhood has been making efforts to internationalise the case of ousted former president Mohamed Morsi, writes Amany Maged

ECONOMY Cheaper Internet soon?

Cheaper Internet soon?

Egyptians could soon be surfing the Internet at a much lower cost, reports Shaimaa Shalabi

Egypt’s MDGs

Global figures show improvements in achieving the UN’s development goals, but things could be different in the case of Egypt, reports Mona El-Fiqi

WORLD Obama tours Kenya, Ethiopia

Obama tours Kenya, Ethiopia

While Obama is in East Africa with a message of development and hope, he may find that the Chinese have gotten there first, writes Haytham Nouri

Syria’s divisive opposition

Syria’s divisive opposition

Syria’s two largest opposition alliances met recently in Brussels, but with far from helpful results, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

Jockeying for position

Tehran and Riyadh appeared locked in a high stakes yet low intensity struggle, not so much over who will lead the region as who will have the greater influence over it, Dina Ezzat reports

Cuba  is no Puerto Rico

Cuba is no Puerto Rico

The re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana represents a seismic shift in US-Cuban history, writes Gamal Nkrumah

SPORTS First place here and there

First place here and there

Ahly and Zamalek top their groups in the Confederation Cup while Smouha lose in the Champions League, reports Abeer Anwar

LIVING A machine shop with an unforgettable owner

A machine shop with an unforgettable owner

Omneya Yousry talks to one of Egypt’s first female mechanics in her father’s workshop in the Bein Al-Sarayat district of Cairo


Red lines versus the lesser of two evils

Hillary Clinton’s brand of craven Zionism makes voting for her impossible in the 2016 US presidential elections, writes Richard Falk


Egypt-US relations: From trouble to engagement?

On the eve of a new round in US-Egyptian strategic dialogue, what lessons can be learned from the last five years, asks Al-Sayed Amin Shalaby


Understanding the Iranian deal

The Iranian nuclear deal is likely to see Tehran take a greater regional role. But it is the Arabs that retain greater influence on the issues that matter to Washington, writes Ahmed Sid Ahmed


Obama’s false narrative on the Iran deal

While the nuclear deal with Iran ought to lead to a thawing of relations with the US, the perception of Iran as a deceptive rogue state remains entrenched in Washington, writes Gareth Porter


The candid camera culture

The media as a whole is in danger of becoming one giant candid camera that fabricates the news, warns Ashraf Aboul-Yazid


Back to the future

While some countries like Russia and China appear to yearn to turn back the clock, Arab countries have only the option of pressing forward and rebuilding the region, writes Abdel-Moneim Said


Rethinking the war on IS

The war on IS and other extremist groups cannot be won if corrupt, violent regimes remain the only alternative to radicalisation and extremism, writes Ramzy Baroud


The Muslim Brotherhood is extremist

For all its claims to moderation, violence has been a core of Muslim Brotherhood creed and practice since its founding, writes Youssef Wardani


The way forward in Egyptian-Saudi relations

In these momentous times in the history of the Arab region, it is essential that Saudi Arabia and Egypt remain close and manage any differences of opinion diplomatically, writes Hussein Haridy


Neither sweet nor bitter

Hani Mustafa is disappointed in filmmaker Hani Khalifa’s latest feature

Sunrise and sunset

Soha Hesham Obituary: Raafat Al-Mihi (1940-2015)

And such a long journey

Rania Khallaf travels in the country of modern Egyptian art

A Mediterranean’s summer dream

Ati Metwaly raises the curtain on the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s summer programme

End of an empire

Eugene Rogan, The Fall of the Ottomans, New York: Basic Books, 2015, pp485. Reviewed by David Tresilian

Camus – counter-investigation

Kamel Daoud, Meursault, contre-enquête, Arles: Actes sud, 2014, pp153. Reviewed by David Tresilian


The children and the storyteller

The Kids Read event at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina aims to encourage young children to read throughout the year, writes Ameera Fouad 

Young people take charge

The government is making further efforts to include young people in the country’s development, notably by carrying out a series of full-scale surveys, reports Mai Samih

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Compiled by Doaa El-Bey