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Current issue | Issue 1229, (15 -21 January 2015)
Monday,18 February, 2019
Issue 1229, (15 -21 January 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

Holding pens and ‘Je Suis Charlie’ signs aloft, some 60 journalists from local and international news organisations demonstrated against the attacks on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, outside Cairo’s Press Syndicate on Sunday. They stood under a banner that read in Arabic: “The Press Syndicate and all Egyptian syndicates condemn the assault on journalists and terrorism in all its forms.” (photo: AP)

A 7.5% rise
“In spite of the difficulties that local industries faced in 2014, especially the energy shortage, Egyptian exports recorded a 7.5 per cent increase, reaching 156,508 in December 2014 in comparison to 145,490 at the same time in 2013.”

Social concord
“Those who fear freedom, hate life and condone bloodshed attacked Charlie Hebdo and killed its journalists. They do not deserve any effort on the part of contemporary humanity to move away from the freedom of expression and creativity for their sake or  protect them by the rule of law. They should not affect the kind of social concord based on respecting difference, accepting the other, tolerance and forsaking violence.”
Amr Hamzawy, Al-Shorouk

A suitable environment
“It is clear that there are political environments that allow terrorism to spread, like the Iraqi and Syrian regimes which helped to establish ISIS on its own land. However, that does not mean that terrorism disappears from old democracies like France. It is true that its impact and danger have a greater presence in failed and despotic states, but democracy has not managed to uproot it entirely.”
Amr Al-Shobaki, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Deadly terrorism
“The most dangerous type of terrorism is that committed by the citizens who carry the nationality of a given country and are part and parcel of its society.”
Emadeddin Adib, Al-Watan


“Without any reservations I condemn the terrorist crime in France. It is enough to cite the statement made by 60 US men of letters in the wake of 11 September, to the effect the enemy the US is fighting, who is threatening the whole world, including the Islamic world, is the political-religious movement that espouses violence and extremism. That enemy speaking in the name of Islam betrays basic Islamic principles that prohibit the killing of innocent people. However, the US and the West foolishly created Al-Qaeda followed by ISIS, destroyed Iran and then Syria, put pressure on Egypt to make it submit to the same plight and conspired to ignite a civil war after 30 June.”  
Taha Abdel-Alim

“Raef Badawi, a young man who criticised the Saudi religious police is punished with jail in addition to regular flogging. Is this the Sharia? Why do human rights groups not interfere? It is because he is an Arab in a petrodollar country?”  
Nour Farahat


Nervana Mahmoud @Nervana_1  
Victims are all victims. No selectivity, no hypocrisy. #JeSuisJuis #CharlieHebdo.

Alfred Raouf @Kemety  
In the light of #CharlieHebdo, I wrote recently “EU will wake up one day to a nightmare”, “Europe & the DAESH” within.

Tamara Alrifai @TamaraAlrifai  
Incredible that representatives of countries that harass, target, imprison journalists are all doing the #JeSuisCharlie demo in #Paris today.

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